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  1. She must be a demoncrat . Ives been trying for mine for 10 yrs . My doctor’s can’t believe they keeps on turning me down . Last time they sent me to there docs which aren’t even legit doctor’s .

  2. Chele says:

    After reading these comments I was absolutely terrified going in to hearing with her. I just prayed about it and went forward. She is nothing like portrayed on this site. She was very professional and courteous to me. I do not know my decision from her yet but I do feel like she will be a fair judge. Either way she was nice to me.

  3. Kari says:

    Reading these reviews anyone would be scared to go in front of this judge. I can attest these comments and reviews are false. You must realize anyone can file for disability and thier revew should not be based on whether this judge gives them what they want. She is professional and polite. Any judge expects you to be honest and forthcoming, I gave her nothing but the God’s honest truth. I have been in front of her twice needless to say I had a lot more evidence and had my ducks in a row before going before her again. You’ll do yourself a favor going in there with the right attitude. She is beyond fair. Don’t trust these other reviews and don’t get too freaked out going in there, it’ll be okay. Just be as honest as you can be and have as much evidence as you can get, along with a good attorney. It’s her job to seperate the disabled from the nondisabled.

  4. Kirissy says:

    I thought Judge page was nice and polite. I Just had a remand hearing with her, She does her job,she’s not a mind reader. If you go before this judge with out a lawyer and half assed facts she will eat you alive and thats her job, its YOUR job to PROVE your disabled not hers. Her job is to protect my money and others money from scammers.

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