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  1. Michelle Brewer says:

    A cable truck running a red light while reaching for his cell phone T-boned me at 7 months pregnant. I herniated 2 discs and ruptured a third.

    After so many visits to the hospital for premature labor that I can’t even count them, I had to be induced to negate the medication, and at one point, the medication had a negative response to my heart, prompting emergency measures.

    After the baby was born (healthy, luckily), my spine returned to it’s “normal” positioning, pinching a major nerve. I had been a full-time, 4.0. I drove a school bus for several years until a month prior to the accident. I had to take a temporary position until my daughter was born because I couldn’t complete the pre-trips, which simply means I had no insurance yet. The bus driving positioned promised my job would await my return.

    After a series of doctors and surgeons examined and x-rayed my spine and neck, giving their verdict on why I’d lost 2.5 inches to my height and verified I could not sit or stand for periods of longer than 30 minutes max, several years had passed. There were honestly times my children and I went without eating because I couldn’t drive to the store. We wound up in two different shelters before Martinez’s first denial, certain, according to my attorney, I would be given just treatment. My attorney was wrong.

    As if that wasn’t enough, I discovered Judge Martinez was the least likely judge to rule in favor of the defendant. Regardless, the second time I went back to court a couple of years later, guess who I was in front of? Right. The same judge who sat staring down his nose at a single mother in the state of Utah asking for help. His specialist informed me that there were two jobs I could do in my condition — an egg-candler who checks eggs to ensure they aren’t fertile before packaging (there was one position listed in southern Utah, I was informed, making a menial income) and a cigarette packager who collects packages at the end of a conveyer belt to box. I’d been attending a four-year-college with an impeccable educational record, and he felt I should provide for myself and two children with this work? He is nothing short of a fraud.

    Without the social security court, which I’d been paying into for over 20 years, I obtained my degree and discovered that my spine wasn’t the only organ affected. As anyone is aware, our organs have an impact on our other body parts — after 7 years of moving in and out of homeless shelters and attending school online (so I could sit and stand as necessary) I was tilted back in my recliner, unable to move due to extreme pain in my lower regions. My daughter, who was now 7 years old, called an ambulance against my will after an hour of crying. My appendix was rupturing. The surgeon removed my appendix and sent me home a new woman.

    After all that time, I’d gained 70 lbs. (This was extremely sad coming from a history of swimsuit modeling and weightlifting.) I graduated from my new school with a 3.7, meaning I’m NOT someone who stands on the street corner begging for everyone else to support me. I’m a hard worker and extremely angry with the judicial system in this state, namely Judge Martinez. I will grant him 1 star for showing up (even though he was certainly paid for his lackadaisical efforts). He doesn’t give two shakes as to the three lives (myself and my children) he’s tampered with. As a writer, perhaps I’ll include him as a character to make me feel better.

  2. Darrell says:

    I was hurt by a kid texting and driving. I’m 54 worked my whole life. This man is no judge! He is doing what SSDI wants deny at all cost. i have seen 16 docs 3200 pages of info. 2 back surgery’s 3 knee surgery’s. now in pain management. He ask the VE is there any jobs this man can do on these meds she said no. in his ruling he said nothing about pain management or my meds! ***** ******! Also i have no doc release And he knew that but he is a joke of a person. If everyone was held to this standard no one would ever get SSDI. But he went through 3200 pages in 2 days. i had his Pack of lies in 20 days. He was super fast but all doctors said he is hurt and can not work at all ALL 16 of them. But he is smarter then them. smarter then mri’s emg and x-rays. just a complete JOKE abad bad one but a ***** JOKE of a man!

  3. MJ Brewer says:

    Disappointed doesn’t even come close to describing my opinion of the courts. A car accident while pregnant with my daughter, who is now 9, disabled me my herniating two disks and rupturing a third while literally shortening my body by 2 inches. I don’t know how in the world someone could fake this or anyone could consider this issue as not impairing. My children and I have been in three different homeless shelters trying to make our lives work.

    Because of my inability to either sit or stand for extended periods of time or even carry a gallon of milk from my car, I was forced from the school where I had an outstanding GPA. Since these denials, I’ve taken online courses from an extremely expensive school and maxed out my loans. I graduated last year with a 3.69 GPA. This is NOT the score of a lazy person. I plan on becoming a sitting/standing writer with my BFA.

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