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  1. Monica Jones says:

    This is a heartless ***** judge. I was denied social security for which I worked. The representative from Texas Rehabilitation and the other representative agreed that I was not capable of working. I am ill with no chance of getting better. It took him several months past the deadline to tell me that I was denied. He commented ,in the report that he had been a judge for a long time and that I didn’t walk into the room like I was ill. What kind of medical diagnosis is that. Also ,one of the first sentences states that I meet the criteria for disable,but he still denied my case. After reading reviews and stats on him,it’s evident that he derives satisfaction and power by denying people. He is a *******.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ive been waiting 8 months on a descision from this judge. He has kept it tied up in editing and for some reason wont finish. If you have a descision on a case why drag it out. People need help out here in the real world.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My advice…If you have this judge for a hearing coming up…withdraw your request for hearing and file a new application. You will likely have a new hearing before he would even come out with a decision on your claim.

    I have a client that has been waiting 15 months and a client that has been waiting 13 months for a decision. This is absolutely absurd. We hear so much on the news about the overly easy judges. Why not about horribly bad judges.

  4. Marselina Hurtado says:

    Judge Gilbert Rodriguez keep postpone my hearing already two times last year. I’m very depress and anitexy that he keep postpone my hearing. Don’t know why but my lawyer Laura Hernandez said he have everything he needs in medical health problems. I’m in pain with all of them like high blood pressure,arthicis on left knee , back pain,high thyroid etc. Last Wednesday on January 28 I had no filling on my left my arm,hand went hospital diagnosed with patpitations and tendonitis can’t use my left hand in so much pain. I walk with a cane use my right hand and I’m so depress and stress can not sleep or eat my stomach in pain lose weight like crazy.So I need help medicare denied me because I don’t get SSID I told them my lawyer working on it. So I need the judge help or some else to look over case because judge isn’t doing his job. I need health insurance so I can go to doctor for my health problems.

  5. says:

    openly mocked me in court and in his denial, wrote awful things about me that were not in the record. I pray to god that this judge is removed so he cannot do more harm to people.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Without a doubt the worst ALJ nationwide — and definitely the worst in Texas, which is saying something. Asks irrelevant questions of the claimants, gives hypos out of whole cloth, won’t allow witnesses even though they’re a due process right, and denies nearly every claim that comes before him, albeit after 6 months to a year most of the time.

    I’m not sure how this ALJ hasn’t been investigated by the OIG for the SSA or, at least, been transferred and reprimanded for his conduct. If you get this judge, find a way to get a new one — drop your case, reschedule the hearing, something, ANYTHING — because if you go forward with this judge, it’s not likely that you’ll lose… it’s assured.

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