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  1. Denise Cook says:

    Dear judge Whitfield my Case Was before you in 2017 I had representation but they wasn’t prepared for my case we were sent out because they didn’t have information from my heart doctor I was denied and I asked the courts if I I have more medical information do I submit it to the Social security office on Pennsylvania Street you responded Yes but the Social security office would not accept my information saying that the judge will only view information that is turned in and that no more could be submitted I just received supplement income after 8 years from the day that I applied for my social security disability could you please review my case again because I only received 389 a month The Social security office on Pennsylvania Street would not let me appeal the amount that I was receiving and told me why didn’t I go to the office in Anderson my home was condemned by Johnson county and I start filing at the office on Pennsylvania Street could you please help me thanks again for your time and I appreciate you very much have a blessed day Denise cook

  2. Donna Smith says:

    I think she is considerate and fair. It was not intimidating in her presence. She seems to evaluate the evidence and rule with sound judgement. She receives an A approval reference from me

  3. Linda kirby says:

    She was a kind woman. I as so happy to b in front of the judge finally but I was also so nervous I failed to tell her very valuable things that would help me win my case! Duh! I wish my fiancé could’ve went in with me! He would’ve made sure my lawyer presented ALL of my ailments! He helps me in every way possible, including typing n googling this! I wrote everything down! Only to forget the papers I wrote it all on! Miracles happen everyday tho!

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