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  1. Nicole says:

    I am currently waiting for my daughters decision. I’m praying for an approval however, he was very nice allowed me time to gather evidence not once but twice. My case is with the decision writer I will update!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing with Glen Watkins this month. After reading all these negative post I was terrified of this man which caused me tremendous stress and severe anxiety attacks for the past year. But when I got into the hearing he was very polite, and really didn’t discuss my medical issues. He had my medical records in front of him so they spoke for themselves. The only thing he asked of me was to change my date of disability to the date I turned 55.I have been informed by my advocate things went really well and that she was 98% percent sure I won my case. This judge was not mean in fact he was very polite and treated me with respect. And this is not a fraudulent post. I am a real person who honestly believes this judge does not deserve all this criticism.

  3. Darren Taylor says:

    Good luck. 400 pages of evidence supporting my claim. Still denied! Even with their own docs and vocational specialist’s in my favor. Has lowest approvals in the nation. Someone ought to check his finances out. I think they get bonuses for denials.

  4. Rachael says:

    I have a date set to go before him in January and to honest I and very nervous I can’t say he bad or good I don’t know him but I have he will understand my situation and approve me

  5. Anonymous says:

    He’s a friendly snake. He doesn’t care and will deny you. Even if you have 30 doctors agreeing with you, including theirs and the vocational expert.

  6. sonya morrell says:

    I have a court date may 26,2015 for my daughter, I have heard alot, he hard on people or he never approves anyone at all, or he cold hearted, well I’m not for sure what type of person he is, but I’m sure he’s doing the best he know how , and if my daughter doesn’t get approved, well I will keep trying, I try to put myself in other people shoe, I’m sure it’s not easy for him also,to make decisions for so many people, believe me it may seem like he cold hearted, but I promise you, he is a sweet heart deep down inside

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Watkins will deny you. This is true 70% of the time for Hearings that are actually held. He can do an entire Hearing without even making eye contact with anyone in the room. Pathetic.

  8. Alric David Rivers says:

    Judge Watkins proved my attorney’s endorsement of him as fair and judicious, and my hearing with him proved him compassionate as well, without compromising his professionalism. I thank God for his decision, and for him personally!

  9. Suspicious says:

    The comment dated 2/11/13 looks like it was written by Judge Watkins himself. Anybody who has had the misfortune of appearing in front of him would never write such a glowing testimonial.

  10. Impressed says:

    While I have experienced the same lingering feelings of frustration and concerns as many claimants do during the seemingly long wait times for a hearing, I am relieved to say my confidence with the entire process was ultimately bolstered when my hearing began with Judge Watkins, who clearly demonstrated he had already reviewed the facts in evidence prior to my hearing and proceeded to conduct the hearing in not only a professional manner, but with a calming demeanor as well, all in a very impressive effort to efficiently clarify the facts before him. While waiting months for my hearing, I had let myself become too distracted with overall claim statistics, when in the end, I am now more convinced than ever, the facts ultimately do prevail thanks to those such as Judge Watkins, who no doubt has a responsibility on his shoulders which most fair minded people would not likely enjoy having, if trying to fill his shoes. Simply said, Judge Watkins is certainly fair (but of course a fair hearing will not change the facts for which any claimant must rightfully rely upon to prevail.)

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