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  1. anonymous says:

    He has already made up his mind at the time of the hearing. The decision is already at the writers. The hearing is just a formality. You will get denied.

  2. anonymous says:

    You really have no chance with this judge. You can have all of the medical records supporting your claim. You can have a Mental Residual Functional Capacity forms filled out showing marked limitations of functioning, and RFCs showing less than sedentary and he is going to rule against your client. He has his mind made up before you go into the hearing. He doesn’t ask any questions. He just goes right the the Vocational expert and lays out an RFC that guarantees a denial. He’s down to 24%!

  3. Lost N. Paperwork says:

    I didn’t want to go on a video at local SS office. I agree on the fact that in person will delay my date. Well, due to Covid I had telephone court. I wanted to be seen aa a look at honesty is paramount. Well, I was denied. Upset I decided that perhaps I am not in bad shape. I strap on my 4 gallons spray tank to spray Spanish Moss. Upon completion I now have fractures in same claimed foot. What good is it? Well, no new evidence is allowed in the appeal of a judge. 2 1/2 years of car repo, credit lost and selling items. Buy high sell low on Ebay. I am so fawked. Thanks to a judge that works from home now. Jeez, what happened, sir? You got it made and yet able to help those of us that need it. Denied? Really, did you read anything? You are in your comfortable home with no travel time to the office. What keeps you busy to ignore the facts? Please, quit as you are havoc on those that go before you.

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