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  1. Bench says:

    Yes, she already made up her mind before the hearing. She is one of those judges who try to “get you”.

  2. Tired and exhausted says:

    She was a horribly inept cretinous “judge”. She was a failed ADA ..that somehow wound up as a “Judge”. Her decisions were notoriously wrong. She has been reversed more times than Mia Khalifa in a naked game of UNO. I feel sorry for any that had the displeasure of dealing with her. Her decisions bordered on her personal “feelings” (not law) and a whole new level of Autism that hasnt been seen before. There are good and fair judges in Queens…but this wasnt one of them. She is about sharp as melted butter in a furnace.

  3. xyz says:

    Not sure about Judge. Seemed preoccupied during the video hearing playing with her hair and seemingly not paying attention. Maybe that was just the downfall of video hearing.. Impression was she likely made up her mind prior to hearing. No sense of engagement in the hearing but comes across in her presentation as not biased … very clinical …hard to tell.

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