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  1. Dyonche Willis says:

    Judge Voisin was my instructor at Tulane University. He taught with such joyous confidence and provided a very succinct curriculum apropos to the nature of Disability Law. All the information regarding the subject matter was explained in the utmost professional manner; I left class a better individual as it relates to my knowledge regarding our country’s disability stance. Judge Glynn Voisin is definitely one of the upper echelon figures to ever grace our justice system!

  2. GG says:

    Would like to know from any reps who have had Judge Voisin how he conducts hearings, is opening statement optional, does he let rep do the questioning, etc. Is Judge Voisin pretty good with hypo’s. Has win rate over 60% which is rare. Thanks for input.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thankful for his time, dedication, and thankful for his professionalism, for seeing and hearing and having the God given ability to make wise decisions . Thank you for the time given and for reading so much paperwork everyday and for letting me be heard . I appreciate your wisdom and understanding. He also has the gift of discernment which I believe is given to us from God.

  4. Tim says:

    This is a real smart guy! He gets what your trying to say. This was a very hard process given how much pain and suffering I feel daily- but he made it much easier. I hope he finds in my favor, but if not at least I was treated fairly.

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