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  1. Kathy S Minard says:

    How can a Social Security Office lose the most important part of a claim?

    Also, young adults that lie to get SS or others that worked all your hard life refused or check taken if the spouse receives SSDI? This is not fair.

    My Excellent Judge Gordon W Griggs

  2. Kathy S Minard says:

    The Honorable Administrative Law Judge, Gordon W. Griggs;
    I am Kathy Minard and I am the one that thanked you for your time. I am being told that if my husband’s case in which our local office “lost” the main part of his case, they are going to take my check of $562.50 SSI but I was deemed total disabilled and should be getting SSDI since you saw and questioned me in 2009. I am so much worse than when you saw me. I lost my father, lost my place to live,my therapy dog poisoned, and lost over over 100 lbs. Stress kicks up the RSD I got after the 150 lb rottweiler attacked me. My bones break easy and I am trying to let my femor heal. I have excruciating pain!! If there’s a time I need you and your expertise, it is now! Please help me get SSDI and not lose my check altogether.

    Have a great day with my best regards.

    Kathy S Minard
    2548 South 8th Street
    Ironton, OH 45638
    PH: 740-442-3116-unlisted

    I still say that you have the No. 1 Judge!!

  3. Kathy Minard says:

    Judge Griggs is a good and fair man. I need to speak with you. This man who hears plenty of people’s complaints are fair and just! I worked hard all my life and would still be if not so weak and ill. Then there’s Joe on the other side never had a hammer in his hands on SSI for carpel tunnel! I am very sick since you saw me going through injections in the trigger points around my left shoulder where the rottweiler attacked me. I have had 6 tumors removed from the left side but not cancer although I have Hashimotos Disease now. I have been up to 209lbs down to 115lbs. My husband filed for SSDI and the hearing was Friday. However, all of his information was run on a disc,but it was blank. Even that Judge couldn’t. So now a Brief is going to be submitted. Even one lady at SSDI said that he had a grave injustice done and my check should not be taken. You said if I ever needed you, get ahold of you. I am down on my knees begging for your help. Thank you for your time.

  4. Kathy says:

    The Priviledge of his time was greatly appreciated and I thanked him for his time. He was very nice and polite and said I was the only one in all his years to Thank him and if I needed anything else, contact him and I have sent him a Gmail. KUDOS Judge Griggs for help with SSDI instead of SSI.

  5. Kathy says:

    Best and fairest Judge I have met.

  6. k.l. says:

    Judge Griggs started very friendly and well mannered. He seemed to care about my concerns an health but towards the end I felt rushed. I understood time was limited but if I only get an hour for you to get to know my problems I think it’s your job to listen. Of course he denied me after I waited three years to get that court date, he twisted my words, he granted little weight to what my doctors said, he basically called us all liars. I’m sorry your a judge not a doctor nor do you live in my body so how would you know anything. Those who do know me and worked with me wrote letters, not people I just met but people known for many years even decades but he granted little weight to them too. Was written that some of the letters were made up, although numbers and addresses were provided so he could have contacted anyone at anytime for verification. He judged me not on my medical conditions but by his own judgements. Everything I said I did he shot me down, well, how do disable people drive, cook, shop for groceries, get their kids to school, help with homework, pay bills, take a shower? Because these were the reasons my disability was denied.

  7. John Silver says:

    Judge Griggs treated me with respect and dignity while I was in his courtroom. He was truly professional and appears to take his position seriously. As this was my only appearance in a court of any kind, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He made the process much less traumatic. At least one person now sees our court system positively as a result.

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