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  1. Dee says:

    This judge has no regard for people and their situations, my case has been going on for 2.5yrs and finally get a phone hearing just for it to last less than 20 mins and for a stranger to decide how I need to live my life. As a disable, medically retired veteran (could not stay in due to medical reason, so job ended) I have been going to and dealing with pain for medical conditions for many years. Serious migraines, Cervical and Lumbar Spine issues, back and neck surgeries, chronic joint problems, heart issue, etc. just to name a few and he had the nerve to say because I drove myself to some doctor appts over the 2.5yrs, he feels I can be back in the work force on a full-time basis at the post office according to the so called vocational expert during our hearing. So they said in the report I can work alone, with minimal supervision and no contact with the general public/customers. But you say postal worker??? So with my mobility issues, pain, etc. I’m suppose to work at doing mail??? Rediculous!!!. I have seen people who have not lived as long as myself and others and whom are younger get their SSDI for a single issue (ie. back pain) and yet you tell individuals whom meet all the age, work credit, etc. requirements and are having serious and multiple issues that they need to get back to work!!!! I have worked since I was 14 years old, 23 years in the military, deployments, injuries and all for SSA to put you through hell for benefits I paid into over the last 35+ years and yet individuals whom have NOT worked at all can get benefits before me! I call Flag on the play!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer King says:

    Something needs to be done about this judge! I has hit head on by a drunk driver, hospital 2 times this year. Major surgery, 6 screws in my neck, stint, and a cage. I fall when I walk due to severe nerve damage. During my phone hearing he acted like he was NOT paying attention my lawyer had to get his attention multiple times. I awaiting a walker due to me falling, and he DENIED my appeal! My entire family was in shock! I worked all my life and an AMERICAN! I’m in pain daily having therapy 2x’s a week. Someone needs to look into this judge. I’m thinking about calling my local new station to address this judge. He is unfair and is not thorough!!

  3. Diana Romero says:

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  4. Sue says:

    This judge has the worst rating in all of Florida and I was shockingly disapproved. He had incorrect information that I tried to correct him
    Of but I have never heard anything more. I am on appeal and I pray he or someone hears my case in a fair way. He even denied I was hospitalized or had ECT treatments. I am almost 55, was a social worker for many years and his vocational person said I could work in a laundry room alone. I am in despair over this. I just don’t know what to do. My mom has full blown Alzheimer’s and she is only 74 and it started previous to my age. I would work if I could. I have lost everything. I don’t even have a vehicle to get to a job. How is it his record is not questioned when in comparison to other judges. I have worked most of my life.

  5. Anonymous says:

    ALL Tax Payers, Women, Men & Children~~ Beware of this “Judge”~~…I couldn’t even tell you what his face looked like, that’s how much attention he paid to my case. I truly believe he has the “Black Robe Syndrome” …This was a Reprimand Case by the Appeals Council & this “Judge” had his mind made up WAY before I even walked in the door. It was almost embarrassing as to how obvious he made it that he had the previous Judges back covered!!! This was nothing but a full blown Conspiracy Plot between Judges & it needs to be investigated, I need someone to please help me… He threw out & discredited ALL of my doctors, ALL of my MRI, medical reports, etc…He threw out & discredited ALL of the SSDI doctor’s & reports, ALL of the Voc expert reports, (I have had to go in front of THREE Judges now!)… I am in total shock at how LITTLE he paid attention to ANYTHING & how MUCH he twisted and turned ALL REAL reports into what he wanted it to say or be. I have no words to tell you how he took over the ROLE of playing a real doctor & disregarded all REAL doctors statements & reports. He threw out & discredited third party testimonies, so what was he looking at to judge my case??? It must have been his thumb because there was nothing left for him to read, he threw out & discredited everything BUT his thumb!!!…There is NO need for, or to employ ALJ’s if they are ANYTHING like this one~ What a true waste of time, money and resources ~~GOVERNMENT NOTICE~~Please eliminate ALL ALJ positions as they are not needed when they throw out & discredit REAL doctors reports & have their minds already made up before you walk in the door. I have been waiting for MY much needed SSDI benefits & jumping threw hoops from 2009 for this hog wash and total embarrassment??? I will not/cannot stop, I will appeal this no matter how long it takes or what it takes…This “Judge” made me out to be some type of liar & I do not lie! I know & understand that you must weed out the bad seeds, but why would ANYONE wait & beg for their own hard earned money if they didn’t really need it??? I would rather be digging ditches and cleaning this “Man’s” toilets than be where or how I am, what’s wrong with him my dear Lord???? This is nothing but a Conspiracy to keep people who need REAL help down and out & he was punishing me for doing an appeal! This “Man” needs to hire me if he is so confident that I am able to even leave my home! Please contact me “Judge” & tell me where & at what time I should be at work for YOU, because no one else will hire me with all of my conditions & I wont last 2 days at ANY job, and please keep in mind that I must lay flat on my back with my left leg elevated for 30 to 40 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. I am not joking, you have my number, please call me with my new job details & I promise that I will try if you have that much faith in me that I can work. All I was even asking for was Medical help, and NO to that also? Now what am I going to do, my life is totally destroyed and over. I am so sorry for being rude here, but this is my life now what do I do??? And, he also stated that I applied on Sept 1 2008, (my birthday, ya ok!) then in court he asked me the date & how am I to recall the exact date that many years ago? I said I stopped working on December 24, 2008 so he denied me for this???

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