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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for nothing judge. I have been suffering 53 years and thought maybe I’ll finally get some relief for my ailments and a diagnosis for my neurological issues and perhaps for once have a life or at least less uncertainty and misery as I continue to get worse. I’ve been borrowing money since my heart attack for medications and to keep my appointments with the cardiologist hoping to pay it back when I’m approved for disability as everyone said I would be. You set out to find discrepancies that do not exist and you rewrote the doctors reports to support your denial while ignoring my doctor. Even the doctors reports SSA sent me to for function report support severe disability yet you think you know better. You aren’t fooling me with the way you turned the time line around to read different than the way it was. Apparently peoples lives are a game with you. You think everyone is lying. You should have to go through all the slammed doors we do and be made to see what it’s like. What goes so far wrong in a person who is supposed to work for the people and calls themselves judges when in reality they are looking for excuses to sign your death warrant? You judge Hamel have no credibility or reason to be respected by anyone. You blatantly lied on my report. Do you sleep at night knowing you have denied people the very minimal care they deserve and qualify for? Do you even realize how wrong you are or are you so narcissistic you actually believe you’re god?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I waited 2.5 years for this?! What an obnoxious POS. He shot down my attorney at every turn and when attorney wanted to hold open the record to check on supposed jobs they were denied, yet allowed the VE to ramble on about jobs that weren’t even available and I am not anywhere able to do. I can see why they video conference, where I grew up this judge wouldn’t have made it out of the parking lot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Apparently known as “Death Panel Hamel”

    I can tell from reading these reviews of various “judges” the real problem in the system is no punitive damages or at least legal rate of interest to be paid if eventually approved. Without punishment for denying legitimate claims and twisting the evidence to fit the way you want, if you are approved eventually all they pay is what you were owed to begin with. I suppose most quit or die before then and SSA think they come out ahead but if the numbers of hours were added up in manpower I doubt they save anything. It’s obvious they have a budget of dollars and figure out how many they can approve then wipe the slate clean after they hit that number regardless of legitimacy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Continued from previous post…..

    Reading the opinion from judge Gregory M. Hamel he claims my physical examination was normal and the treadmill stress test was inconclusive. He then goes on to make it look like it was a separate visit where my blood pressure was noted as high and then I was given medication. He is either wrong or lying because the stress test is what caused the blood pressure rise, it was at the same visit, but judge Hamel tries to make it sound as if the blood pressure issue was just discovered. I was diagnosed much earlier in the hospital ER with high blood pressure and was on blood pressure medication at the time of the stress test, which proves the medication was not working and/or I still had restrictions in my arteries. Yet again, judge Hamel further in on the report writes there is no indication the medications I’m on are not being effective. He also said I “claim” to have pain but take nothing for it, yet in my many filings with SS I mention several times what I take for pain and that it does little good. The entire opinion goes on like that and many other items just as twisted. If anyone at Social Security reads these posts I hope you look into this. I’m in serious need. I assume you want me to die and go away, while I very well could die from lack of medical care, I WILL NOT GO AWAY.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I received an unfavorable opinion from judge Hamel as well with similar wording to others, despite two severe impairments even Hamel agrees with (there are others as well). Social Security had sent me to their doctor for evaluation and I told them I would be unsteady and unable to walk a treadmill due to muscle fatigue and muscular skeletal problems along with documented severely restricted arteries. I would be placing myself in danger by attempting it. I also had a pinched nerve in my leg where they had entered my artery for catheterization and I knew this would cause great pain. I was forced and coerced into getting on the treadmill and as soon as it started I told the Dr. I cannot walk this fast and he ignored me, within seconds I was gasping for air, fatigued and was about to fall off at which time the doctor stopped the treadmill. They checked my blood pressure and it was dangerously high, they allowed me to rest and checked again at intervals after and my BP took a long time to come down. The doctor acknowledged my BP rise was severe and said he would note it but call the entire visit inconclusive.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gregory M Hamel. It’s obvious by reading his opinions he spins, ignores, or downplays evidence to meet his denial quota. Truly nothing more than a government hit man whose job function is similar to a street level prostitute, the pimp being the Social Security Administration. His facial expressions are so ridiculously phony he shows obvious contempt for people in serious need while signing their death sentence. Judge Gregory M. Hamel represents everything that’s wrong with our country, denies legitimate claims, isolated from the real world and telling claimants there are free doctors. I’d love to see these free doctors, I’ve called every list there is and haven’t found one yet. Not sure if he’s that far out of touch or just a plain liar?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was born with severe neurological muscular problems and have suffered physically my entire life and that has progressed and gotten worse with time. I’ve been humiliated and called names my entire life because of my weakness, I fight my bodies every move. I grew up very poor and had so little medical attention my problems were never diagnosed and those few medical records are now purged. After reading a pamphlet upon discharge from the hospital for heart attack, I discover I may be eligible for Social Security Disability. All my life I’ve been discriminated against because of my disability and now I’m told I am not disabled according to some statute. These people don’t care if you are disabled or receive help, it’s all about how can we hide behind some statute and make the circumstances appear to support denial when the exact opposite is true. There were so many untruths, fabrications, and ignoring of statements its as if the opinion was written without consideration of anything presented. The callous disregard for the truth makes one feel raped. I find Judge Hamel’s opinion to be such an outrageous contempt for truth and human decency, I cannot imagine how he dare take money from our government as pay for such blatant disregard for people who are legitimately long suffering as myself.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Do they teach these judges how to make pained facial expressions as if to express they don’t believe you? Hamel was doing that constantly and I found it totally repulsive. I find it amazing he gave my doctor, a Harvard grad who interned at Mass General, a limited weighting because he ‘claims’ it was not a function by function report and then gives great weight to the State agency (they paid for) who did nothing but ask a few questions and said my blood pressure spiked sky high when I tried to walk on a treadmill. There could be no complete report from the state doctor because basically nothing was done.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Agree with the previous reviews of judge Gregory Hamel. It’s obvious he decides a case outside the facts. He finds more credible any evidence that supports his finding and ignores or misconstrues evidence that does not support his view. When there is nothing to support his view, he makes it up. If one Google’s past law suits brought upon the Social Security Administration based on judge Hamel’s opinions, you’ll see almost “cut and paste” opinions repeated. It’s as if judge Gregory Hamel is just going through the numbers game and rubber stamping decisions to not approve a claim. Judge Gregory M. Hamel is exactly why the public fears Obamacare, death sentences handed out by self impressed mediocrity putting in their time and being paid taxpayer money to deny people in need what is theirs to begin with. What a disgrace to our country people like Judge Hamel are.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Twists reports to read the way he want’s to back his decisions to deny. Dismisses top notch doctors reports while giving heavy weighting to the SHILL Social Security paid “doctor” reports. The doctors Social Security uses are bottom rung who are obviously so desperate for the S.S. dollars they’ll say whatever S.S. want’s to hear, and even when those reports side with a disability applicant Judge Hamel changes the report to read as he wants it. Has absolutely NO BUSINESS being a Judge, he is biased.

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