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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Administrator Judge. You better be reading this. I was denied, but how is different. He committed perjury by changing 2 things said by me and the vocational expert-I never once left the house to babysit. He made it sound like I did. The vocational expert clearly said no to working. He wrote down light work. I’m seeing him again, and this time I’m homeless. That puts further issue on my mental state already. Also, being part Native American, wendigo psychosis is a real thing. Also means for the past 3 years he’s been sitting on a smoking gun. I also have proof of the perjury.

  2. Stephanie says:

    This man Contradicts everything he ******* says and honestly I want to burn this *** ******* alive I ***** him and his family I want all his children and his children’s children to all have disabilities and to not be able to work but him to say they can do jobs that don’t exist where they live I hope he **** ** **** for eternity

  3. Adam Dubuque says:

    4am another sleepless night keeping my wife awake before her shift so I decided to get this out. I’m not sure how this man sleeps at night or lives with himself. I’m in Florida and got this judge from va. He begins by stating I’m extra on his already beyond case load. I’m 40 and he makes a point to state that as well. My case was decided exactly as the ones written here. He even said that the facts of the case Dr reports etc.show my disability without doubt but my testimony went against that. His questioning made my testimony seem that way. He asked if I take my children to Dr appointments or ever have been to one of their school necessities and made it out like I did on a daily basis. I haven’t even to this day worked since 2009 date of injury and my wife is supporting me and 3 children and already left once out of dispair due to money problems and she still thinks about and talks about it. I have metal plates and screws in both legs. Fusions in my neck sustained working at a mattress warehouse with no help carrying California king mattress by myself. I have worked my whole life until now started bussing tables at age 15. I have a failed lumbar surgery probably because physical therapy popped my stitches doing things I’m sure I shouldn’t have. I barely sleep at night if at all and have no way to support my children I am sick all of the time physically and I did appeal good luck with that. I hope this man enjoys his nice home and warm meals while my family suffers because I couldn’t get the services I worked my whole life and when I could no longer do so could not get. You would think with attorneys present they would see these things and maybe do something about it but these judges are those bread and butter so another good luck. Its a shame when our system is ran this way and abused. Gregory Hamel you are a perfect example of what’s wrong in the system.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Slight correction, that should read “not entirely credible” on mine, but substantially the same as BJORNSON v. ASTRUE on which the ALJ decision was reversed.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My denial contained the following words. Google these words and read the first link.

    “After careful consideration of the evidence, the undersigned finds that the claimant’s medically determinable impairments would reasonably be expected to cause the alleged symptoms; however, the claimant’s statements concerning the intensity, persistence and limiting effects of these symptoms are not credible…”

    As the Court noted, it has previously criticized this “template” language – provided by the SSA to its judges to insert into their decisions – as “meaningless boilerplate.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    Appeals Council and judge Hamel both in Falls Church VA office. How convenient. Prove to me this isn’t a rubber stamped back patting decision already set up and predetermined. Are those on the Appeals Council thinking independently are are you good old boy go along with the flow until you reach retirement types? I’ll be watching that very closely and not afraid to write my Senators and anyone else who might be interested

  7. Anonymous says:

    Alleged judge (liar) Gregory M. Hamel writes in regards to the SSDI doctor “the stress test was inconclusive” The report actually reads “The stress test done today was inconclusive. Because of continuing symptoms of chest pain, he should have repeat catheterization” Liar Gregory M. Hamel writes “there is no indication the medications are not working” yet the SSDI doctor wrote “His BP is poorly controlled and he becomes very fatigued easily” It’s interesting how LIAR Hamel can read the parts of the doctors report that he uses to deny but for some reason cannot comprehend the parts of the report that support my disability. The entire denial is like that, one lie after the next.

  8. Anonymous says:

    When you have liars like Gregory M. Hamel, It doesn’t make any difference what your doctor says, he will rewrite the reports to read how he want’s to support a wrongful denial. ALJ’s like Gregory Hamel are nothing more than murderers, they deserve a seat on a new bench named “Old Sparky”.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alleged judge hamel will quote half of a sentence that appears to support his decision, but if the entire sentence is quoted the result becomes quite the opposite. Obviously has an agenda of denial regardless of the facts on record. Has no credibility and should be removed.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I Googled the VE before my hearing expecting to find their qualifications. Imagine my horror when I walk into the hearing and find the VE is the same person I found to be known as Inmate #193120. What’s even worse is Gregory M. Hamel found the VE credible but said I was not. Judge Hamel and others like him need to be removed from their job before doing further damage to those of us in need who have been denied by this sham of a system.

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