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  1. Thanks for nothing jerk,you committed perjury multiple times in your decision.First off yreou diredn’t even consider the testimony of vocational expert, she listed just 3 jobs total, which were immediately eliminated after your initial hypothetical question that included very severe,not moderate limitations wiped out those possible jobs, you than asked if there were any ,any any,other jobs this hypothetical person could do which illicited a no response, so explain to me asshole,how would that person not be considered disabled. The definition is the inability to perform any kind of work, the VE Clearly stated this person did not have the mental capacity to perform any of those 3 jobs listed,yet you found my limitations to be moderate, thats perjury. I read over the decision thoroughly, on multiple occasions you lied about the testimony that I gave. One classic example was you said in your decision that the medication was working, I never,ever stated that ,to the contrary I switched a few over the last 4 months because they were not helping, I testified I was not feeling any better as a result of the medicine.Secondly,I stated I suffered from severe social anxiety, and could be around any groups of 2 or more individuals, and testified I had few if any friends, yet According to you going grocery shopping constitutes a social activity, last time I checked people have to eat,I was not in there picking up single women. You didn’t even weigh what the VE had to say in your final decision, because if you had by definition I am disabled and should have had a fully favorable decision you asshole .

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