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  1. john barnett says:

    Your honor FLETCHER was very polite, and soft spoken and very concerned with my well being as a person first. He was very professional with all the medical records and even the problems I was having at work before I stopped going completely due to factors with my disability. Your honor FLETCHER is genuine and was able to make this whole process feel like there was purpose when most are about to give up entirely. I am at rest finally after 3 years meeting JUDGE GUY E. FLETCHER for my time to prove I am disabled. Was an honor and thank you if you ever read this for you to take my case and review me. I climbed the walls to be honest this whole time waiting ( with HOPE ) that someone would see the daily struggles I have endured. Im waiting on my case to finalize and awaiting your answer at the moment…( 9/23/19/12:28 ) to be exact your honor is the date and time im commenting on this page. Thank you and bless you for being so caring at my hearing with me and my lawyer. I wish you many blessings for you took my case as dire need as well. My father has stage 4 cancer and I just found out my grandmother has lung cancer as of 5 days ago. I also recently lost my grandfather to cancer no more then 3 years ago during all of this. I have to say it was nice to finally speak on my own behalf and for you cause to be honest a name on paper tells nothing about the person. To all that is reading speak up and be honest please with this judge. Keep your head up people reading. Your time is coming to be herd, and I have to say the wait was worth it. Thank you again your HONOR ( Guy E. Fletcher ) and many blessing to you and your family…-john

  2. Paul Parker says:

    I haven’t received A decision yet but honorable judge Fletcher is very understanding and Attentive to viewing hearing and understanding our cases he listened to what I had to say and I could’nt have asked for a better judge

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