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  1. Joe Johnson says:

    She is a complete piece of dishonest garbage. Lies, doesn’t care about anyone. She’s dead inside. I hope one day she has to answer for her ways. I wonder how many lives this “woman” has ruined? I put woman in quotes because that’s an insult to anything resembling a human. This thing is a lizard person or alien.

  2. Gogo says:

    Her stats speak for themselves. She will have her decision writers and clerks scour the record for any reason to deny a claim. I don’t think she even reads the file. It seems that any inference she makes is used against the claimant. Ask her for a citation to the records when she makes an assertion and she gets flustered. Unless she is forced, expect a denial. She is perfectly pleasant during the hearing.

  3. larry browning says:

    we may receive the same justice that we hand out according to the Bible but i doubt that she has read that book.

  4. Kay O'Brian says:

    Everything the person above said is true. If you are white she looks down on you like she wants to hurt you. She said she couldn’t read my doctor’s writing which is why she has interns, to work those things out. I had four different doctors.Medical history was well documented. My attorney was too passive. I was denied. I appealed. The doc assigned to review my case was on the speaker phone & he agreed with my doctors findings and that is the only reason I was awarded disability. She is a hateful, spiteful judge and she doesn’t belong in that position.

  5. Homer Kuba says:

    If you are white, worked all your life and made good earnings, you don’t want her presiding over your disability case. She spent more time with the vocational expert trying to find a government definition for what I did and never once asked me what my work day was like. She also, all but stated that my doctor’s responses were a inaccurate/fictional and ignored his recommendations.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone gone before Judge Hoover? I have a hearing soon and I was wondering what to expect. Thanks

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