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  1. I Will See Him Get Arrested says:

    He’s a narcissist, coke head, and liar. He hides evidence in the form of transcripts, violates the constitutional rights of the people before him, and yells and intimidates them and their attorneys.

    The yelling and intimidation has been going on since the 1990s. He ought to be arrested. In short, he ought to be arrested and stripped of any benefits he might have received as ODR. It’s time to take trash like him off the bench for good. The court systems in the US need to get disinfected of roaches like him.

  2. Jacqueline clinkscales says:

    My name is jacqueline and ive got judge chambers for my hearing ,ive read some very good things about him and i pray that i get approved .He seems like a very fair judge and im glad to go before him for my case.

  3. colwell says:

    Had judge chambers very pleased with him. He was the best judge to have.

  4. mark strickland says:

    I had my hearing in Feb 2014 was told by the judge would have decision in March it is now July no decision yet.Just wondering how long must I wait for a yes or no decision?

  5. Martha Bolt says:

    hearing in September with Judge Harold Chamber. I like what I’m hearing about him. everyone please pray for me on this and that I get approved. I have a Lawyer I think that will help alot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    i went in front of him in dec he is a very good judge just pray i get approve

  7. Advocate says:

    Make sure you submit a pre-hearing brief and be prepared to discuss the evidence. If you know your file, Judge Chambers is a very decent judge to deal with. If you do sloppy work, he won’t be very forgiving. Overall, Judge Chambers is one of the good guys but his hearings do tend to drag out longer than most.

  8. tyrone sadler says:

    chambers is out on med leave.Guess i have to wait

  9. larry brock says:

    Just had video hearing.very fair judge

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