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  1. Ashley E Jones says:

    To Laurie Scantling: try to get ahold of CALS (Central Arkansas Legal Services). They have this program called Beyond Opiods. His felony may not be related to drugs however this legal teams purpose is to provide legal representation to people with addictions or criminal records, etc….. hope this helps

  2. Laurie Scantling says:

    i am curious to know what the law states for a felon to receive disability. The crime was committed at the age of 18, he is now 31 with a wife and 3 daughters. He has undergone 2 major surgeries, 1 on his hip and 1 on his back. At a very young age he was diagnosed with Scheuermann’s Disease, Childrens Hospital in LR assured us that he would outgrow it. obviously instead of improving it got increasingly worse. He grew up working in the “Family Business” of ditch digging with picks and shovels as his dad operated the machine. As im sure you know that is a completley physical and difficult job.
    He is diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, scoliosis and an abnormal heart beat. The damage done to his back has already required steel rods and he is unable to stand straight.
    He has requested the help of 2 or more lawyers only to be pushed aside due to the felony on his record. there is absoloutley NO way that he can work. i am requesting information to be able to proceed with this delima. Thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter.

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a rep I have had several cases with Judge Davis. He will typically call you in ahead of time, make sure you understand that he doesn’t allow leading questions and doesn’t want you to elicit extremely emotional testimony about suicide attempts, etc. He generally does not ask for opening statement. He begins questioning with a nice, easy pace; his questions are very clear and straightforward covering the basics about onset and impairments. He likes documentation re any income after onset (STD, LTD, WC, UE, etc). If client is 50+ and has good strong work history it’s a plus. He usually has a VE and likes to do hearings that take about 30-45 min. I have found him to be very pleasant, very fair and he does a good job.

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