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  1. Jeff Spence says:

    I dont know Harry Siegrist,,,what I am aware of is that what was discussed during the hearing was ignored on my unfavorable decision. Nothing in me understands Is the system designed to leave some completely in the dark. My mind is so beyond normal worked over 2 dozen jobs in 13 years yet SSA states my impairments are not severe enough, wow. They have found me disabled but they claim its not total disable its only partially disable,,,What part is that? Diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder and other disorders as well but,,they say Im invested in being sick how does someone do that. 2 years Ive been getting federally funded as well as federally funded run around. I take prozac and trazdone Do people have a clue what I take them for. This has been my experience Take your meds and good luck,,wow some country we live in Aint no help or hope for folks like myself,,Im doomed. Jeff Spence Atlanta Ga. God bless humanity

  2. Myllette Puckett says:

    Very concerned with ones health and well-being.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very thorough and personable.

  4. Michigan Freemason says:

    A very intellectual judge who knows the law and reviews his cases on factual evidence. I hold the highest regard for the Honorable Judge Siegrist!

  5. Anonymous says:

    A warm, wonderful, exceedingly wise Judge with a high pay rate.

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