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  1. Sharif Sheng says:

    She is a wonderful Judge! She has good heart and good judgement for people. She should get Respectfully! She true care every disability people. In my life, I never forget her! If your disability is true, you can get her true help. Don’t use the denies number for judgement to the Judge.
    Who is good Judge? Be thankful always.

  2. Dawn says:

    Her rating for denials is so low, she has stopped reviewing cases!!!!! Fire her!
    I will be writing my representatives etc to fire her. She makes people suffer, and that is suffer more. I’ve never been this depressed in my life, and I thought I was when I found myself unable to work!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t she been fired????

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think this judge is a poor excuse as a judge,she should not be on the bench work for social security because she does not care about anybody health or well being. Nobody in this day or time ever hears of a judge calling a fake doctor who does not no nothing about you or your medical conditions,and then have a vocional specialist come in and tell you what you can do or not what can you do these people that comes in her changes are probably paid actors that she pays for out of her pocket none of these people have any medical background at all. I just hope if anybody gets her please prey because she is old and cranky and you will be waiting for months before you get a decision in the mail. You will be waiting for at least 5-6 months before she makes up her mind to send you anything. She needs to be of the bench ASAP.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel the judge is very unfair with people who.is sick. She will ask for medical documents but over look the most important stuff of you condition. Then she asks for a medical doctor on the phone to ask you questions but don’t know nothing about you at all. I feel that is not a real doctor. Who ever heard of a doctor examining you over the phone nobody in this world. She is the worst judge in social security hearing system.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I can appreciate the class action lawsuit and the out come of it but until it is totally settled, we,the denied, still have to have our cases heard by the same ALJ that denied us in in the first place… and to add insult to injury,now the ALJ is using a Medical expert that has had his/her licence suspended for unjust behavior in the past..in my opinion,which still works against the applicants. How can we trust these hearing to be held with our prejudice? I Cannot even understand why!if our cases have be approved even by the higher court to be returned and reheard, that we must be subjected to further torment by these ALJ? LOOK AT THE FACTS!!! Times spans, Medical and physical evidence is very compelling.!!! Stop playing with our LIFE’S AND GIVE US WHAT WE HAVE WORKED HARD TO QUALIFY,IF WE BECAME DISABLED AND IS LEGALLY ENTITLED TO. last but not least…Strauss is not entitled to be rated at this point, but is entitled to be judged with a(MINUS)-Star until she cleans up her act.

  7. Mcknight says:

    Judge Hazel C, Strauss over saw my case and treated me asthough i didn’t matter. She never considered the real facts ,just the information that she could use in order to denie me my due benefits. Totally disregarded the medical documentations and All medical facts that was presented..even though it was clear that i was disabled, She made me fell like it was a joke to her, through it was very apparent that I was in great pain and discomfort and even had to be excused, she just did not take anything into consideration.,,She used the system to denie me and others like myself. Theres so much more that i can say about my hearing with her but…last but not least, as i stuggled to get up and leave, She smiled as though it was going to be ok,knowing very well that she had made up her mind long time before i came in,that she was not going to approve my application. But thank God…that there is a higher authority. Shes totally unfair and in my opinion,i think that her denined cases should be over turned and approved. That My Opinion.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can this person be called a judge she does not deal in facts. She denies 48% WHY?? Does she get a BONUS at the end of the year? Does she get her rocks off knowing that people have to sleep in shelters and cars due to her decisions? She propbably is a rich person and does not care about struggling working people that fall on hard times and get sick. She is a disgrace to humanity!!

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