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  1. KerrieCrawford says:

    I wouldn’t wish this process on anyone! After dedicating 30 plus years of my life to working hard, raising a family, paying the bills and contributing to a system I believed in, the day came that I needed the system to work for me. Unfortunately though I’ve come to realize that the system is more broken than I am and according to everyone except Judge Strong and the handpicked members of her squad, I’m pretty darn broken. I’m a 51 yr old widow diagnosed as follows; 5 Bulging Discs of the Lumbar Spine, Scoliosis of 13%, Multi level Lumbar Spondylosis, Disc Osteophyte Complex, Facet Osteoarthritis, Severe Disc Degeneration, Moderate Narrowing of the Spinal Canal/Moderate Spinal Canal Stenosis, Anterollothesis w/ disc uncovering, Retrolisthesis, Severe disc height loss with disc vacuum Phenomenon, Lumbar spine facet arthrosis and Severe Neural Foraminal Stenosis which could result in complete Paralysis if not treated pretty quick. My physician said there was nothing more they could do and referred me to spinal surgery. As a result of the conditions mentioned above my right side from hip to toe is completely numb to the point I had to stop driving last October. I can not sit, walk, stand or lay in any one position for more than 10-15 minutes. I can’t stoop, squat, bend or carry any weight. I’m in so much pain that I rarely leave my house. My quality of life is so low that at this point I just feel like I’m waiting to die. I made good money for 30 years and for 30 years I paid good money to the Social Security Administration in the event something like this might happen however, it was painfully obvious as I sat in front of Judge Strong that I was the only person in the room who had a clue what any of my medical conditions were, how they effected my daily life or if any of them met a listing. Everyone was too busy rattling off their well rehearsed, predetermined, “professional” opinion in response to Judge Strong’s inquiries and collectively they managed to squash my hope of getting my back fixed so I can go back to work and actually have a life worth living again. I was never asked any questions or given the opportunity to described what living with these conditions was like, I was only given the chance to speak(very briefly) because I asked the judge for permission to do so. I waited 3 years for my appointment with Judge Strong and in less than 30 minutes a group of strangers were given the power to interpret the guidelines written by the administration thereby convincing Judge Strong to not only over look the limitations of movement and ability to perform simple tasks, the constant state of relentless pain and the referral for spinal surgery but also ignore the fact that 75% of section 1.04 of the disability evaluation of Spinal condition listings in the Social Security Disability Handbook mirrors my medical chart verbatim, still the decision was made that there is plenty of substantial gainful activity for a 51 year old woman of my health with my abilities and limitations which means the 6 figure investment I’ve paid into over the past 30 years will not be used to aid in the financial burden I’m currently facing for spinal surgery that hopefully allows me to get back to work and also provide treatment in time to prevent paralysis but instead it gets to be passed along to help someone else with their medical issues….The System is BROKEN!

  2. PJohnson says:

    Bless GOD for Judge Helen Strong! She’s nice, fair and thorough in her decisions. Perhaps she looks over her cases before the hearing and have a pretty good idea of what the decision could be. It takes will documented and ongoing medical records, good work ethics. Having a good work history helps as well. Also, a good attorney advocating for you to win benefits helps a great deal. Truly more judges like Judge Strong are needed in this process. I was told she was nice and was a fair and thorough judge. I agree! My decision was GOD sent and I thank GOD that He sent Judge Strong to be the presiding judge for my hearing. GOD knew my case had merit and was warranted. You must believe all that’s good is in God’s timing!

  3. stephon johnson says:

    My name.is stephon johnson I hope I get this judge she seems very nice cause I do have mental helath with me and I would love to have her as a judge so I hope she reads this

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