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  1. Estel Love says:

    Had my hearing in front of Judge Evans 1/29/19, and have not received a decision as of 8/11/19. Why can’t she make a decision either way ? Hearing went in my favor according to my attorney, and the occupational expert saying there were no jobs out there that I was able to do. I have not been able to work since September 2016. How am I supposed to survive ?

  2. m says:

    How can you still have a job when you are sleeping during the hearing? i know if no jobs that will let you sleep when you have people depending on you to do your job. you are PLAYING with not just my life but every person that comes in your court. if you can not do your job STEP DOWN

  3. Keith Eaker says:

    This is my LIFELONG were talking about and it is still on hold. No medical care. I’m drowning and am about to give up completely. I was awarded disability in 2008 but turned it down to go back to work. I was reinjured with basically the same injuries even worse on the other side. The judge seemed fair and listened to my case and I have great respect for her. My appeal hearing was February 2nd and I haven’t heard a word. I’ve seenever plenty of other cases already decided that were heard after mine. Please HELP

  4. Bridgette Coleman says:

    Dear Judge Evans,

    I’am writing about you just in my case, you said your decision was unfavorable in my disability case. I think the decision, was very wrong. You told my lawyer
    Mr. Weeks that I had won, then I recieved this letter form Greensboro that does’nt make any sense at all.

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