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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a fundamentally dishonest and unfair Judge. Outwardly, very polite and seemingly caring, she is utterly dismissive of evidence and facts. Horrible, horrible Judge.

  2. Lou paolicelli says:

    This asshole alj is the worst of the worst. She relied on a doctor who specializes in family and emergency room medicine for a orthopedic case. I have 22 documented ailments from VA hospital n service connected n she said va holds no relevance n denied my claim. 13 surgeries but this asshole doctor Paul reardon ‘s opionion holds great weight. I will b suing her n making a public cry 4 her removal. Must be a Obama judge

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just had my hearing last week. Judge Valkavich was very thorough and respectful during the heating. She really seemed to care to hear about my side. Win or lose she is a very professional judge.

  4. Ron K says:

    I recently had a hearing in front of this judge. I felt like she cared and listened to what I am really going through. Unfortunately I had an early morning hearing and mornings are bad and I have a hard time concentrating in the morning. I felt like she understood that and wouldn’t hold it against me. Win or lose she was very respectful and did not make me feel uncomfortable being there.

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