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  1. Sherry Williams (for Genesis Williams) says:

    I think Judge Henry B Wansker was one of the nicest and compassionate men I have ever met. He was so understanding. He explained my whole case to me. It was for my granddaughter and I want him to know he is fair. Most of all he cared. He didn’t agree favorable for me, but he cared. I have taken her to a neuropsychology clinic at children’s. She will be tested on Feb. 9,2016 but I will not get the report until three or four weeks later. It will be out of the appeal timeframe. So I will have to appeal just in case they find something wrong mentally because of the seizures. I wanted him to know I thought he made an excellent decision with her case. As I told him that I couldn’t explain there was something still different about my granddaughter after her having seizures. Again Thank him for being compassionate and caring.

  2. Heidi M says:

    I thought Judge Wansker was the nicest man I have ever met…he was not judgemental at all and was really concerned about me and my condition. He showed compassion and concern. I was nervous to go in front of him but he made that experience an enjoyable one. He is a very caring judge and hate to hear that at the end of this year that he will no longer be a judge there.

  3. Lynne Dill says:

    I came across this post as I was looking for an address with the intention of writing to thank Judge Wansker for, almost literally, saving my son’s life. At a hearing before the judge I was grateful and impressed at the kindness and compassion he showed my son and me. There was no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this man wanted the best for us. Having him hear our my son’s case was life-changing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look at how much this guy’s approval rate has dropped in the last 3 years! He was gone from a 71% approval to a 46%. Why such a huge drop? In my experience with this judge, it’s because he is more concerned about being promoted by SSA than with offering a fair, unbiased hearing to the claimants.

    He’s also quick to judge representatives who don’t take their clients out to dinner at least 4 times before their hearing. Quite hypocritical for someone who was a complete failure as an attorney before becoming an ALJ.

    At the end of the day, if you can get past his pompous attitude, he’s not a bad guy. It’s just a shame he is trying so hard to please the Agency instead of fairly adjudicating cases.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge is actually really knowledgeable about the law. If your attorney knows the law and his case thoroughly and can present it thoughtfully to this judge, he will be kind fair and understanding. He just does not put up with unprepared attorneys.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is a complete tool. He trys to belittle counsel at every turn. He trys to discredit the claimant and thinks you need to have lived with your client in order to represent them. He has gone from a decent granting Judge to another Yes man denying most cases. Attorneys and claimants would be better off with out this clown. I think he forgets he is an ALJ and not a real Judge.

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