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  1. Disgusted by the Insolence says:

    I keep checking for his obituary. He dismisses the administration’s doctors’ recommendation and bases his decision on HIS medical and psychology degrees. He has a total disregard for imaging that tells the picture and most certainly confirms the diagnosis and ASSUMES that a low IQ score indicates malingering. However, there are two learning challenges I am aware of that asynchrony between test and performance. The federal psychologist informed him of that much. But hey, he is a loser that couldn’t make it to Appellate or US Supreme Court Judge. I would bet my house that he is a cokehead based on his outrageous hostility and behavior in the courtroom.

    He belittles, yells, and intimidates the people who come before him. He publically admitted that much as an adjunct professor. He thinks he is above the law. I can tell you that the cases denied or dismissed are due to his intimidation tactic that would make the bravest person shut down. I will spit on his grave when he dies.

  2. Shannon G says:

    He reviewed my case before the hearing and asked relevant questions about my medical condition and referenced many documents that I submitted. I felt like he took me seriously even though I didn’t have a lawyer and this was my 2nd hearing. I am so grateful he granted me a fully favorable decision and I will get all my back pay from 2017 when I filed. Overall, I think he is a compassionate judge.

  3. Disappointed says:

    The man is a liar and/or he has attention problem. He lied about not presenting evidence when the evidence was there. Lied about not needing assistance to stand up. Doesn’t notice that sitting slightly sideways relieves pressure off my coccyx. Doesn’t notice using arm rest to get up. Doesn’t notice a woble in gait. He disregards medical evidence in the record.

    Thinks he’s more ecperienced than the medical doctor. He came short of calling one of my GP incompetent when he’s the incompetent one for not noticing physicians can share the same last name and work in the same office but licensed for different specialities.

    He adds information to his review not reviewed with the applicant and without giving the applicant the opportunity to deny or explain his allegations against the applicant. He thinks someone needs to have the same level of pain on a daily basis- which some ppl alledge and may very well be true.

    To be honest, Chambers needs to be disbarred. The list of LIES he made up and the number of evidence he willfully disregarded can only lead to the following conclusion, Judge Chambers is impartial and a ******.

  4. Henry Achey says:

    Dont get your hopes up, totally dismissed SSI Doctors notes, Federal doctors notes and primary care doctors files. To him to get approved you need to be 30 minutes from death.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel that judge Chambers took the time to listen to My Testimony he was very respectful. I’m praying that my medical evidence along with my attorney and my testimony will render a favorable decision. I was told to look for a decision between four to six weeks possibly three months in the mail.

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