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  1. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone had any good ratings about this judge? I’m really starting to lose faith

  2. L. GAMBLE says:

    Well I wasn’t ready for the news about this judge after reading about him. I have a hearing November 2 2017 with him, and just reading about him I really don’t want to see him, but I guess I will go into that court room with lots of faith in my side that I will win this case. It so funny how the system gives people such a hard time . The people who needs to be questioned an drag in the ground they don’t bother them. I’m going in with God on My Side an strong faith that everything will go into my favorite. I won’t let the judges low rate scared me off. Until I go to the hearing I will repost an let you know how things went. Hopefully I will have good news when it’s all said and done. Be back in a few weeks for the update.

  3. Michelle says:

    I’m just wondering what the time frame is on notification of decision? I too went before Judge Kramzyk a little over a month ago and I’m waiting for the decision. The vocational expert did say that there were no jobs available for me, but I’m still nervous. I’m sure it’s normal that I am, my future is depending on his decision.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Waited nearly 6 months after my hearing for an unfavorable decision, I feel sorry for whomever has the unfortunate luck of dealing with this ALJ. If one thing is out of line in your case, it will be scrutinized to the fullest extent!

    25% club is right, odds are against you if you are seeking a positive outcome, definitely avoid if at all possible!

  5. watchdog says:

    He seems nice but gives representatives no time to ask questions. If you are a lawyer, get ready for some hostile treatment. Your best bet is do a substantial file memo before hearing or have your client do an extensive affidavit or better yet, take your clients testimony before the hearing by statement under oath and file the transcript. This judge is part of the NHC , which should be called the 25% club.(percentage approved) get ready to get screwed while he stacks up the unfavorables like firewood. Avoid video…Avoid Kramzyk.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have just learned of this site to post about the judges, and I as well had Henry Kramzyk, I just had my hearing about a month ago, and awaiting the results, and after looking at the rating for appraoval and denial I must admit I am on pins and needles, since the approval rate of this judge is the lowest approval rating compared to the other judges, and a high denial rating…as I have been waiting long enough..keeping fingers crossed

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree that most people wouldn’t care how nice a judge is but I do have to wonder why the rating is so low for approvals. It could be that he doesn’t allow weak cases, or bogus cases to go through. Isn’t it possible that he IS fair and doesn’t allow for those who really are not disabled according to SSA?

    Just playing devil’s advocate maybe.

    I saw the approval rating and was expecting a denial as easily as an approval. After holding my breathe for a while I recieved a fully favorable decision. A very detailed one at that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    in response to the last comment, I also find him to be nice. but, his decisions are bad news. who cares if a judge has a kind way of running a hearing. all that matters is if the alj can be fair.

  9. Anonymous says:

    When I was at the hearing office and found out I was walking into Judge Kramzyk’s room I expected the worst. I know his approval rating is very low so I have to admit I was disappointed that he is over my case. Due to his low approval rating and some of the reviews of similar judges I was honestly expecting a rude and confrontational person. Mr. Kramzyk was neither.

    I do not know the outcome of the hearing yet, but I wanted to say that as a Judge, he was polite and not what you might expect from a person with a 22% approval rate.

    For what it’s worth…

  10. Harold Morgan says:

    I’ll type another comment in hopes it will be posted. I suffer from mental illness, which has a large influence on all aspects of my life as well as neurological disorders, which both contribute to the picture. My hearing was conducted in March of this year with a unfavorable decision. Of course since I have been seeking benefits for over five years I found the decision frustrating and hurtful. I have been suffering for about twenty years as I am 28, it has been two thirds of my life.

    One thing I cannot understand is the disparity in statistics between the judges in Porter county. Judge Kramzyk only approves 18 percent, which is questionable only because in the context of his colleagues in Porter Co. his approval rating is clearly not pro claimant.

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