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  1. Anonymous says:

    A very fair judge. He asked detailed questions and listened to additional facts given by my attorney and myself.

  2. going for joe says:

    Very good judge. Had hearing today. No outcome yet but he made the process very smooth, and was reassuring.

  3. National Whistleblower Allen Carlton says:

    American Holocaust Perpetraitor Henry Perez Jr. was selected to handled or mishandled my EEOC complaints against the USPS (Collusion / Murderbyproxy). see USSC 99-565 & supplement

    The American Holocaust – Violence in the Workplace

    Wake up and smell the Agent Orange. Congress has made the National Goal reduce govt (we the people) and govt spending (liabilities, expenses). Mission being accomplished. American Holocaust Perpetraitors in the guise of Congress continue to abuse power and obstruct justice as a cure for the death fix it. Sabotaging the enforcement of the laws of the United States Constitution. Congressional perpetraitors continue to terrorist Americans with valid legal complains against actions or lack of actions by government officials (Federal, State, and local). The terrorism consist of coercion, collusion, corruption, subterfuge, subversion, sabatoge etc. Terminal Injustice. Terrorism begets terrorism. Again the mission is being accomplished. The total destruction of entire American families for personal gain – The American Holocaust / population control / murderbyproxy.

    I have provided proof and evidence to the proper official in USSC 99-565 & supplement.

    YHVH solution is the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense [PRKD] Mongoose Protocol-scribd

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