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  1. David says:

    This guy is a Satan worshipper putting out fraudulent information on disabled crippled people and I can prove it he process’s lie’s conjuring them up to persecute disabled people and veterans I have the fraudulent paperwork to prove it

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was having a case in court in front of Judge Howard K. Treblin on August 18, 2015 and I have got approved. In other words, the judge said that I am disabled under section of social security. After three years and exactly this month on April, 2018 social security send me a mail said, you are not eligible for SSI and you have to return all the money back that you received it after the judge decision . That is meaning they ignore the judge decision and jump on it. In fact, I am a disable and I do not have any income because I am not working and the amount of overpayment is very high because it covers more than 5 years so how can I return it? Why they made it all that big amount and then ask for back the money lately? I wish if judge can read my post and give me any advice. I will be appreciate it .Thanks

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