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  1. anne says:

    I was approved for full disability by judge Adkins. I must say he is straight and to the point.my disability was for a mental illness called PTSD with OCD and depression from a serious trama I received.i was shaking while speaking and crying a little about my issue since the incident, his face never changed. I was 43 when I filed, was denied by mail 3 times before court.what helped me win my case was I never missed a drs appointment, no drugs, and my story stayed the same every time I had to re live it.my lawyer was new, she was from marrassco and nestle bush. She stayed with me for 3 yrs feeling not overly confident, but so caring. Her name is Jane.i had 4 years of psychiatric documentation and theropy notes from my therapist.i have always worked,that’s why the judge believed me, in his statement he mentions that someone just doesn’t stop working a high paying job unless there is a serious situation. Thank god judge Atkins looked thru all the documentation, because the state appt.psychiatrist was not on my side. Judge Atkins saved my life, and I thank him

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