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  1. Emergence Health Network says:

    I found Judge Kramer to be extremely fair and caring. She made my client feel comfortable and asked detailed questions pertaining to his disability. A licensed practitioner was also present and explained what she thought of evidence. An opening statement and theory was given. She’s very knowledgeable on the rules of Social Security.

  2. The Packard Law Firm says:

    Judge Kramer is an extremely fair and impartial Judge, who really listens and cares. I recently had a case where, due to a clerical error in a previous Judges Decision, the claimant was improperly denied. I raised this issue with Judge Kramer and she agreed to hear a motion to revisit the prior case. This just shows how Judge Kramer is willing to take a comprehensive approach to her hearings. She could have easily dismissed the motion and focused only on the present case. After Judge Kramer listened to our motion, we were able to correct the clerical error in the previous case. It made a huge difference to my client and restored his faith in our government. Had it not been for Judge Kramer’s vast knowledge of Social Security laws and procedures, as well as the claimant’s file, this wrong may have never been corrected.

  3. Gloria Moore says:

    Judge Kramer is a impartial and fair Judge. She really listens! Weighs in the good and throws out the garbage. I’m glad to know that she cares about Texans and sits on the bench fairly for the people and the law

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