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  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard she was having health issues and resigned. I really hope that is true and that she is suffering greatly for payback because of all the pain and suffering she has caused so many during her career. She is an egocentric bitch who enjoys the power she had over people during her career. Though I doubt she is struggling financially like the sick people she denied, but I hope her life is hell.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Todd, the damaged plumber: SSA looks at your age, education and past work history, not your race. Reread you decision again and if it says race, then the decision is a mess. Sounds like a mess anyway, but I’m writing to take some of the sting out of the decision.
    The system (I’ve been SS attorney for over 25 years) is getting increasingly difficult to navigate. The favorable decision rate at the hearing level has dropped from 70% to approximately 45% starting about 10 years ago, especially for claimants under 50 years old.

    Good luck. Don’t stop fighting!

  3. Jimmy maines says:

    Met with this judge on 8/9/17 today. My case was continued, due to lack of all evidence. She was very nice, fair, and advised me of all my rights. Ive been fighting this for over 2 years plus. I hate the process because im very much a recluse and hide 8n my home so this is a major challenge for me. I felt somewhat comfortable in her court. I am forced to wear earplugs and sunglasses because sound and certain lighting can trigger me, either enrage or send me into a full panic attack. So it was pleasant enough to feel somewhat calm in the room for the short time. Seems fair.

  4. Katherine says:

    Can hardly believe this woman is someone to look up to. Completely, over the top RUDE and beyond unfair. Must be trying to help cut the budget because she’s certainly not fair to those of us that truly need help. Outraged!

  5. Todd the damaged Plumber says:

    she is a criminal. on the front page of my denial is clearly stated: due to my age, race, and educational background…. I can work. 3 years of denials, my 800 credit score ( for the lest 20 years)is gone, as is any retirement and savings, and finally I have back surgery next week on Wednesday Oct 22nd 2014-
    my wife works, so I am still and have not been eligible for any state benefits at all, even though our household income was reduced by 60%.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just got my unfavorable decision from this “judge” In it she depicted me as a Fat, lazy pot head whom every symptom I have is is bogus, and in my head. She repeatedly calls me a hypochodriac and states that my Doctors opinion whom i have seen for 2 years is invalid, because he tells me what I want to hear to appease me. I have severe chronic pain, caused by Fibromyalgia and CFS. I have also been worked up to look for Multiple Sclerosis as I have intense weakness in my arms, and hands. She twisted every single thing to make me seem someone I am not. Repeatedly mentioned the fact that since I have become disabled, I am on Facebook, and play video games. Which has nothing to do with anything…. I still have to frequent breaks even when doing said things. She also states that because at the time of doctors visists, they noticed no signs of panic disorder, and that I was intelligent, and handled myself appropriately that I was not suffering from a panic disorder, and only suffering at my own convinence when I wanted pitty, or approval from DR.. She is beyond cruel, she dismissed ALL my evidence as nothing but doctors trying to make me feel good. She referred to me as drug seeking as well… I have saught treatment, as anyone else would.. I smoked marijuana a total of 5 times just because they had tried me on everything from Hydrocodone to Fentanyl and NOTHING worked. If you get this Judge, I sincerely feel sorry for you, you WONT have a fair hearing. She even knew that I had 3 kids to provide for, am unable to do so now..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very biased against claimants and can be downright cruel to them in the courtroom. Do not expect a fair hearing.

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