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  1. Anonymous says:

    At my hearing the judge started asking me question in regards to someone else’s case. He was unfamiliar with my case at all and seemed to be lost and therefore seemed to have his mind made up without the proper evidence ??
    Your thoughts??

  2. Jamie says:

    Had my hearing on Sept 3rd, 2015 with Judge Gordon. He seemed to be ver fair and impartial. My lawyer said that it sounded very good but it has now been 60 days today with no answer. Hopefully I will hear soon. Either way approval or denial he was still a very good judge that was considerate!

  3. sheree jones says:

    yes I had my hearing on August the 21st judge was very nice considerate pleasant thank you the best judge by far.I think it went really well

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Judge J. Dell Gordon had completely read my case prior to the hearing. He demonstrated thoughtful consideration of each separate health condition, and the affects as a whole. Judge Gordon was open to discussion and input from all parties. He is a five star judge because he is fair and just.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not familiar with rules or regs, has mind made up prior to hearings regardless of evidence and testimony. Basically someone who took a government job for the pension and benefits, has no observable interest job or claimants. Just showing up and putting in his time and case numbers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great judge if you have a good case with actual evidence. Seemed symoathetic and thoughful. Not so much in cases with weak or missing evidence, an unprepared lawyer, or only the claimant’s testimony to prove the illness or injury.

  7. pj attorney says:

    He is genteel in his mannerisms, but he does not give an indepedent fresh look at a case. He makes up his mind prior to the hearing and the claimant’s testimony and additional evidence proving disability is irrelevant. Therefore, he is not open to reversing the government’s prior decision. He is essentially a rubber stamp for the government. He gets one star because I can’t give him a negative star.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Better than most. Top producing judge from Medicare, same at SSA. Decent to lawyers, claimants; tolerant considerate hearing style.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Agreeable enough. Not especially well versed in SS regs & rulings. Appears to be of the opinion that in most cases, a “truly” disabled claimant would have already been found disabled at the state agency level (which is laughable to anyone who has any experience in the field). Basically a time-server.

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