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  1. G says:

    We Knew he was a liar and won the remand.

  2. G says:

    This judge is a pos. Lied about recorded testimony and lied in his determination. But, im not worried. My lawyer and I caught him up, and we’ll let the council determine whats best. Don’t trust james leland bentley.

  3. D S says:

    This judge only supports Social Security. Don’t count on him to help you, he ruined my life. He denied me & marked me for life so I can NEVER collect disability benefits. Cause of him I fight to live everyday so I wish you good luck and God speed.

  4. Renee Epperson says:

    There’s a lot you don’t know please reach out to me judge Bentley I pray that

  5. Renee Epperson says:

    Please judge Bentley approvement SSDI I’ve been waiting years please God I pray that you approve my disability

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