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  1. GC says:

    Completely Incompetent Judge and System. Not only was my Birth Date incorrect, after fixing it and supplying Documentation…but the decision wasn’t even based on what I applied for. The decision was based on information that was completely incorrect and I never once said was an issue. What a waste of time and effort. My dog could’ve done a better job.

  2. Darrin Hall says:

    J s childs was a very nice judge regardless f the outcome of my situation. God bless Mr. Childs

  3. N Carson says:

    Terrible decision; wasn’t based upon the law nor the facts in the case. Even the VE testified no work was available due to amount of absences and time off required for my medical care; and he still ruled against me.

  4. Carmen allen says:

    He make the process so simply and understanding.i am happy that he was my Judge regardless of the outcome of order

  5. Anonymous says:

    No complaints..very compassionate human being. Whatever the decision he renders I am glad I had him.

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