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  1. Eric says:

    This judge is an attempted murderer! Sending someone with 7 auto immune diseases to work is a slow death. Even when their doctor(s) said it will kill them this piece of crap denied them THREE TIMES! When he dies and goes to hell Satan will bow down to him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    An expert in disability law, a fine jurist, and a wonderful man.

  3. BobBarkman says:

    Judge Callahan needs to get a home somewhere nice and retire. It’s time to just realize that times have changed and understanding today’s skill sets is just not part of his abilities.

  4. APreston says:

    My son had an appointment this morning with his psychiatries. After so many times that was re-escheduled he was able to go today. Judge Callahan listened to my son’s case on July 22 but I don’t think he recognizes the tragedy families go through when one of their children can do certains things, like counting with their ability to go places or at least get out of their room. Their unpredictablity can only be tolerated at home. My son tried to work once but, his mental illness is unpredictable. Sometime he is up to the point of being euphoric but sometimes he can’t get out of his room. Judge Callahan may never have to stay home from a vacation because their son can’t be left alone. We miss birthdays, or holliday gatherings. We can only visit our daughter when our son is able. We have noticed however, that children get attracted to him when he last went to our grandson’s bday party, and he had a good time. But those are few and far in between. May the Almighty God help Judge Callahan when he reviews my son’s case and may he get the information he needs from experts who want to do good no matter their political affiliations. Can’t rate him yet. Can’t read his heart, only God can.

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