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  1. rodica williams says:

    Wow i just had an hearing with him a week ago and after hearing all these comments am not sure about anything and i need the help because of my mental illness

  2. Anonymous says:

    Once again I had a hearing with Judge Andres on Dec. 10th 2018. When I told the judge about the report he filed on me and that it was filled with mistakes he blew it off saying someone else writes the reports. This time he made mention of the fact that I was in his words ‘Articulate’ I asked how could that matter? I then asked the Doctor if a person could be both disabled and articulate, the doctor said of course. This Judge James Andres has been unfair to me since day one and he does not listen well. I suffer from heart disease and PTSD. If you have to see this Judge bring a lawyer with you because without one he will only take advantage of you as he did with me. I could go on and on about the way he treated me but I wish other people well and better success if you sit before this man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Further reading of his decision has left me shocked. Judge Andres interpretation of what took place is a joke. To think he is in such an important position that effects many peoples lives is scary. This is sickening abuse of one mans power. Being turned down is something I could have handled if not for the obvious mishandling of information by this judge. This is a sad bureaucratic system at work.

  4. Robert Henry says:

    Judge Andres had his mind made up on me and I never had a chance. But what bothered me most was the paperwork that came explaining his decision. It was full of inaccuracies and mistakes. During my last hearing his told me to be brief with my answers, he rushed me. Part of my problem is an inability to express myself quickly my concentration is limited. So Judge Andres had me speak quickly but the doctors just took their sweet time answering all the questions and in the process this only confused me further. Don’t like this judge but more importantly have no respect for his actions. Shameful. Ask yourself…..If you went to any law school and asked students what law career they hoped to pursue, very few if any, would say they hoped someday to be a judge in a disability court.

  5. Keith Robert Edwards says:

    Nervious, after almost 3 years to get see him, and two months ago. a law firm starts with “P” miss leaded me to believe I had terminated their empolyement for poor communication skills,and laziness. I rescheared and found a local go gether that knows how to hunt for the paper work. Anyway I feel better going it alone,at this point. Cant even afford anymore time. Really Lost how people can get medical documation, Nobody within 3 counties wont take Medicad share of cost… My duedilgence, he is one of the highest 10% paid Adminstrative Judges, which means he’s good and knows his “A” game. I have lost my life twice, Daughter,wife( after 24yrs.) It takes so long to get here, if favorably then another 3months or more before the calvary comes. Guess thats cause people trying to get for broken toes….still cant believe that. the way i look at his stats its a 50/50 chance, top ten in Admin. Judges i wouldve to give him a 10 even if i am diened …. Paper work i found out is 80% your case and 20% is testimony.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am appalled at the courtesy afforded to me on my initial visit.
    I phone in I get told in a very courteous manner waiting for med. rec. which should be in by the 17th call back after that.
    The next day recv. docs. from the court the first in a very official way. The latter doc. was very unprofesional and illegible. consider this within my 10 days to reply.
    Thabk You.

  7. Anonymous says:

    These posts really scare me!!! From what I understand, I have to go before this Judge. I went for a hearing already and a decision was made, but because the Judge retired, the decision is void and I have to go for another hearing. I am in desperate need of help and now after reading these comments, it looks as though I may not have much luck in getting the help I need.


  8. Anonymous says:

    There are no words to explain how I feel but I will try, After going before Judge Andres in Ft. Lauderdale 3 Minutes into the hearing, I felt like I was A piece of **** asking for Disability help for a Broken Toe. My family and I are Devastated beyond words or description My Treating Doctors are “Blown Away” that I was denied. Now I know why so many people decide Suicide and kill themselves. If the public could see my evidence,….Well, It’s one that would shock the Conscious of the Community….. i.e. Blow peoples minds…

  9. Brian G. Eichelhart says:

    I had 4 hearings with him and he denied ALL 4 claimants, this is statistically impossible. I do not know what his gig is but he will have to learn the hard way about aggressive South Florida lawyers.

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