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  1. J Hubbard says:

    Even though I was denied disability by judge Bentley I have to say he made me feel comfortable didn’t rush me when giving my testimony never once was he rude to me he was very polite to me which I was also to him give him respect and he will will respect you God bless you all

  2. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Judge Bentley is a really nice guy. Seemed genuine and helpful. I liked that he didn’t act intimidating but more compassionate. He let me explain my case in detail and not rush me or cut me off. I wish all judged were like him.

  3. Garry says:

    NO Ethics,Dishonst ,Missleadind ,Fraudulant. Not afraid to say it.

  4. MGM says:

    Love this guy,he will do his best to help you.

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