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    Fair and understands the law and Rules. Know your file and be prepared to advise him which medical vocational rule applies to your over 50 year old claimant and why. Make sure you can point to a specific exhibit that supports your theory. I had a tough case recently but I was super prepared and he was going to rule against my client until I pointed out the inconsistencies in the adjudicator’s original denial and pointed to medical records that supported my theory that the claimant satisfied a medical vocational rule. I had to use the vocational expert on cross examination to show the claimant did not have transferable skills. I was looking pretty bleak during the hearing but I kept fighting and fighting and the ALJ relented and entered a fully favorable. So, moral of the story, you have to really know your file and be prepared to spoon feed the judge your theory with supporting medical evidence and vocational testimony.

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