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  1. Dollie says:

    This judge did not allow me to speak throughout the entire hearing. He kept cutting everyone off and did not want to hear anything anyone had to say. He stated that he was not persuaded enough to find my mental health illness “extremely severe”. He was kind and even toned. However I think he may have a disorder ADHD as much as he cuts everyone off. I had a mental breakdown durning the hearing due to his irrelevant questioning and bias comments. Absolutely disgusting this is how they treat people.

  2. SPLC says:

    This judge wants to hear an argument from rep. He will literally argue the case with you. He told the client he did not believe her, when it came to drug use. In the middle of hearing, he interrupted rep and apologized several times to client because he realized he was looking at the wrong notes. That being said, I am not sure which way he will go with his decision. However, he was respectful in all of it. Even when he gave his opinion to client that he did not believe her regarding use of drugs. He is just convinced that addiction is not something easily overcome… He will definitely hear your arguments. You need to come prepared though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fair and understands the law and Rules. Know your file and be prepared to advise him which medical vocational rule applies to your over 50 year old claimant and why. Make sure you can point to a specific exhibit that supports your theory. I had a tough case recently but I was super prepared and he was going to rule against my client until I pointed out the inconsistencies in the adjudicator’s original denial and pointed to medical records that supported my theory that the claimant satisfied a medical vocational rule. I had to use the vocational expert on cross examination to show the claimant did not have transferable skills. I was looking pretty bleak during the hearing but I kept fighting and fighting and the ALJ relented and entered a fully favorable. So, moral of the story, you have to really know your file and be prepared to spoon feed the judge your theory with supporting medical evidence and vocational testimony.

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