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  1. jfjoyner3 says:

    If you are disabled by multiple sclerosis or a similar degenerative disease, you do NOT want Cumbie for your disability hearing, in my opinion. For my wife’s claim, he casually ignored lots of credible medical evidence and dismissed all testimony about a decade of pain, weakness, lack of balance, twitching, extreme fatigue, migraine, depression, and other major headaches, and more. Second, my wife was diagnosed by a retired professor of neurology who specialized in multiple sclerosis research and after his retirement went into private practice to treat (only) patients with m.s., but Cumbie preferred the flawed testimony of a Houston doctor, Dr. Steven Goldstein, who never saw or talked to my wife (i.e., a “hired gun”), yet dismissed the treating physician’s diagnosis and testified adamantly that she does not have ms. Imagine what would happen to my wife if someone at her insurer decided to cancel her semi-annual infusions for m.s. treatment (costing over $100,000 each) based on Goldstein’s irresponsible testimony! Cumbie also dismissed the diagnosis of a treating psychiatrist, who diagnosed her as suffering from severe depression (a standard symptom of m.s.), and prescribed treatment accordingly. Cumbie instead decided that my wife had only mild depression. In short, Cumbie is terribly unfair and unreasonable. His 2020 denial rate was 53% according to this web site. He should have his law license revoked.

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