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  1. Anonymous says:

    The hardest judge hands down, I tried to have him recuse himself 2 weeks before hearing date, He does not care, he leads you as a plantiff in his questioning, I made a mistake during the hearing and he almost jumped off his chair in excitement that I pinned myself in a corner, luckily I had an attorney to bail me out of the problem.
    This judge should not be seen without an Attorney present, This Judge does not read medical charts instead poked me on an application mistake 3 years earlier I made without the aid of an Attorney.
    I hope you do as I did when he led me and remarked to the judge “Thank you for Answering my Question, I could not have answered it any better”.
    Caution, Hire a Lawyer and dont take his crap, 3 years to have him as my judge seemed like the Titanic.

  2. Diamon Johnson says:

    I recently am in post hearing status with James Goodman … I am not fully aware of my rights but since my hearing I have conyinued to recieve zero help in the process of what Mr Goodman gas asked for from health advocates nor my primary. Care dr …I ended up going to Arcadia methodist and receiving a battery of tests and was referred out to a cardiologist and neutoligists from Dr Fakoori upon my release at Arcadia my intake was done at Arcadia Mental health I don’t see the actual dr until June 8th I am awaiting for the approval for the neutral gist and cardiologist from my primary care dr ….. I am asking for more time from Mr Goodman to provide the medical tests he needs to make his decision based on his findings I don’t have enough records for him for approval I have had zero help from my primary nor health advocates recently i have saught other council Barbara Case I no longer am in need of health advocates services they DONT believe nor care about the severity of my health I am.constantly sick very confused most days about every two weeks I have a break down of silicone I have brain fog often
    … I have one letter from Dr Valotta stating my limitations and the length He has treated myself …. I need more time I have to be taken everywhere I am in serious duress all the time trying to care for myself ….tomorrow morning I am suppose to speak with Sal Mr Goodman’s assistant. …I will be taken to the office of Mr Goodman’s. Asking for more time and explaining I have had no help with medical or dr refferels from. My primary dr or health advocates I am going back to my valotta and it takes three weeks for my insurance t approve my request to start seeing Dr Valotta again in the mean tumeDr Paul which is my primary. Current has done nothing to help this process to provide Mr Goodman with the information he needs for his determination

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