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  1. Edwin A. Anderson says:

    I have appeared in front of Judge Dixon many times. In my experience, I have found him to be knowledgeable and thorough when hearing a case. He appreciates a case that is thoroughly prepared beforehand. He likes the evidence to be in the file early and allows the attorneys who appear before him to make their arguments before he makes a decision. Edwin A. Anderson of Cannon & Anderson, Attorneys. (865) 522-9000.

  2. Terrie Green says:

    I went before Judge Dixon on May 13, 2015. He made me feel at ease, and he listened to me and treated me with respect. Judge Dixon is a very good Judge and a honest human being. He told me would let me know decesion in two weeks, whether i am approved or denied, I know Judge Dixon was a fair Judge to me.

  3. Gill Page says:

    I think Judge Dixon was far and really listened to my case and made a informative decision.

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