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  1. Edwin Gagarin says:

    Judge Williams is beyond measure! He made me feel comfortable, like I was talking to my uncle. He really listened. Not like other judges from my youth. And even though I got a little emotional in the end, by the end of my hearing he left me feeling at ease. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. Thank you, Your Honor!

  2. Kevin Reid carroll says:

    Judge Williams was excellent and very perceptive a fair man and super..lov him and thank God yall for this help.. ….UPDATE JUDGE WILLIAMS!! The bias group of squabbling sniping women here in goldsboro nc. Have held up my disability claims because of my sons non revocable trust that I am trustee of . The lack of understanding the law of trust is Sickening. I have been starving ,heat is now shut off gas ran out, no hot water. It would be a felony violation for me to sell and use any trust money for my self . I desperately need your help. I have not gotten any help I am planning murder every day I told them I was insane about the lsd I had taken in the 80 s 700 times they are triggering my PTSD. Why are they punishing me?? My quality of life has plummeted only cold showers and no hot water to wash dishes. They don’t care about dignity or your ruling and said so what..
    Its unique and underadvisment with no time table on their decision. I am resigning from the trust effective immediately Monday morning. Please help me with a order to issue me my disability claims immediately I’m just now got food stamps. But no heat or hot water. The security guard came and stood behind me intimidating me Friday all I could do to not show them and him quickly why I’m so crippled in my mind despair and totally disabled and not capable of being around people who are trying to trigger my PTSD almost like they were laughing at me. The Devil is chasing me. I have been having terrible dreams of death to all of my snags holding up my paperwork like a whack a mole in wizard power and lighting bolts. They don’t care about dignity and the due process of law or your order they are purposely not doing their job and many other people here in Wayne county nc have been complaining about how they have been given the absolute run around and social services department here reported to me that hundreds of cases are being withheld. The supervisor here should be fired. For malfeasance of office. I have contacted my congressional Mr Rouse and emailed the white house about this matter..please help your the only hope…yours truly Kevin Reid carroll 919 288 5483 246 04 5850 god bless

  3. ASW says:

    Judge, sucks. Never let me talk except when a question was asked. I was not given a fair judhgement. He treated me like I was waisting his time. 7 years trying to get disability and I am tired. Maybe if I quit taking my medication, I would win.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great Judge , after reading all these negative comments I was concerned . Judge Williams was just great and down to earth , very understanding of my financial problems and lack of medical documents . Had his decision in 45 min .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Williams is a fair judge. He took the time to listen to my side and to consider all of the evidence in my case. Judge Williams is a great judge overall.

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