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  1. James W Kelly says:

    I seen judge Barter yesterday. I have a mental disability claim. My only fault against judge barter is that he postponed a ruling for me to see another psychiatrist. My current psychiatrist already did an evaluation. Another psychiatrist did an evaluation. There was eight other psychiatrist and psychologist that had evaluated me.
    I don’t understand what more the judge wanted. All the psychiatrist and psychologist said the same the same thing. This case has drug out for 19 months. I’ve become homeless waiting on SSI. And now the judge wants me to see another psychiatrist. I just I don’t understand the thinking there.
    I have schizoaffective disorder along with anxiety disorder. There is no cure. I would much rather be working. But unfortunately I’m not able to.
    Why the judge wants to drag this out even more just to get the same diagnosis as the other psychiatrist and psychologist is beyond me. I know the judge has a house to live in and doesn’t really care if I’m homeless or not but I care. But that is the only thing that I have against him.

  2. Shirley says:

    I have waited 4 years.9 months from my hearing, he made a decision, and not good. SSI ONLY, I simply do not understand ,when all the records clearly showed the disability for the total 4 years. Instead He gave me 9 months, minus one month, so 8 months is what I got,because of my age. Shouldnt have nothing to do with it. Whom can live under 500.00 a month. Step in my shoes, see the pain from all 3 of my illnesses. I thought Judge Barter was trying to be understanding at my hearing, I have been through more trauma then most will ever experience in their lifetime., I truly am being punished by this judge for becoming Ill and unable to work. To much more to say, not enough space. I did not deserve this treatment .

  3. chad says:

    My case is undecided, but considering it’s lack of information in the area I reside I would expect not to be approved. My lawyer also dumped me nearly two weeks before my hearing forcing me to represent myself. I do not plan on remaining on disability for longer than it takes to be rehabilitated and repair my mangled finances.

    However, I will say he is a man of good measure and kind this has no hold on his job. He has an obligation to the tax payers and to those in need. Which puts him in a position to be both compassionate and harsh.

    I have no doubts there can be times he has to deny people that might be on the boarder of necessity just to maintain his ruling reputation. Unfortunately most people that can be rehabilitated will ride that check til they die, So It’s not easy to make that choice. Yes we all pay in SSI, but most do not pay enough to get what they do back.

  4. Loren says:

    I found this Judge to be vary unfair and with a lack of understanding and compassion. After being told by His Job Placement Addvocate that there was no type of work out there for my husband to do but yet my husband should find himself a job with the following… (words off the denial letter) “Specifically he is limited to work that does not require more than basic interaction with supervisors, co-workers and general public. He would need a well-spaced work environment to reduce the amount of his interaction. He should not be required to read instructions, write reports, or handle money.” Someone please find my husband a job that requires the above noted. No where will hire my husband because of his very limited education and to get a job he can’t do how long do you think he will be able to keep this job. I understand that he sees many people that are trying to skimp on the governments pocketbook but jundge please keep in mind that there are those of us who do need the help. And deserve it after paying into the system for years.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge Barter to be caring and empathetic. Not harsh at all, nor biased. He really wanted to understand the predicament I am in with my disability. Thank you, Judge Barter for being a great Judge!

  6. OK says:

    Harsh but fair.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This Judge clearly traded his white sheet and hood for a black robe. I never seen such blatant dislike for a race of people. Shame, Shame, Shame!

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