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  1. Paul Erickson says:

    I can prove that this piece of garbage doesn’t even read the medical records and doesn’t know how to shut up long enough for a person to explain something that is extremely vital to the case.
    I also have proof of Discrimination and Fraud.
    Gillett is a joke for a person and most definitely should not be judging anyone else.
    He’s too Stupid to read!!

  2. Earnest E Brown says:

    Hear is what I would like to know, Did any of your attorneys met before the hearing & after the hearing with the judge? Mine did at both hearings and I thought that to be odd, and I had the right to know what was said.

  3. Earnest E Brown says:

    Sonya Collins, the same situation with me. The Vocational Expert said there was no jobs in the national economy that I could do either, about a years or a little over I got a Denial Letter, I eventually got SSI and screwed out of several years of backpay and they did not deposit my October benefit because a insurance company took their sweet time sending the information they (SSA) requested from me, and SSA clearly stated that they would help me get that information and for 8 months failed t do and I sent them the contact information!

  4. Sonya colins says:

    Im very disappointed in the decision especially since in court vocational lady said no jobs for me n judge said i cant work with others and the deny me my benefits. Im being evicted to the streets with my 2 dogs to survive on the streets. Im hopeing my lawyer appeals it. Cause i cant do this on the streets in mo where its to cold or its to hot or rains alot

  5. Sonya Collins says:

    He was very respectful. When he asked me question he let me explain it all. I have severe depression n anger issues much less all my health issues. He was kind about it all. I hear he made a decision on the 5th of july now just waiting to see what his responce was. Vocational Lady said no jobs for me. I do have alot of anger issues working with people. When i get mad i snap

  6. Anthony Plank says:

    Had my hearing on June 8th, & just got my denial letter. Very frustrating! Cannot work any longer due to back problems. Judge Gillet & all disability judges have a huge workload and I have a lot of respect for them. So I am not, nor would I ever, going to criticize him for his dicision. I will appeal & hope for the best, as I desperately need my benefits!!!!!

  7. pamela j. webb says:

    He seemed very nice and was very detailed he was respectful. I just went today so no decision yet. He is sending me for more exrays

  8. a says:

    I give him a thumbs down!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Has some quirks to which one must adjust, but has read the file from beginning to end and is very well prepared to adjudicate.

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