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  1. Nunez Aris says:

    This is an unfair judge. He will discard medical evidence like nothing. Notes from the doctors, etc. He is also not right on his head. Disrespectful and discriminatory with Spanish speakers or not white claimants. He has dementia that is very easy to spot and yet they let him work! He ruined so many lives. Including mine. I hope one day he will pay for all the damage. If this is your judge, you will be denied for sure. Horrible person with zero empathy that should be retired since it’s not fit for his job.

  2. Jonathan says:

    This Judge was a total Azz! After 25 years of military service,being put out unfit to work any job and receiving 100% disability from VA. All my doctors and notes from clinic said I was unable to hold any job. This judge said I could bake cakes and clean houses. I would love to clean his out. I serve and protect him that long, pay in my part and he sits behind a damn screen and just looks down, never makes eye contact, never once said thank you for your service, Nothing!! It’s a shame people that don’t need help get approved and the ones like me get denied so the sorry a zz people can mooch off government. Well I served and paid my part. They can get their ass up and go to work like I did. I am sick of seeing sorry lazy people get approved and hard workers get denied. It’s ass backwards if you ask me. This judge acts like it’s his damn money I’m asking for. It’s not! It’s mine that I’ve paid in SOB!! I have about hearing coming up in grenada on 15 November and I prey to the good lord that I’m blessed after this one. You can not rat this sorry ass judge because it doesn’t go that low. His will be Hell for denying all the ones that needed help. And the government wonders why soldiers lose it and do crazy things as they say. That’s right if you fight for your country your crazy. While these judges make all the good money and laugh while we protect them. Fingers crossed on next hearing. I wish all the ones on here that had this judge like me good look on next one. Hon bless everyone who spoke against him. HE IS THE SORRIEST PIECE OF CRAP TO WALK THE EARTH. I COULD STAY ON MY SOAP BOX BUT IM GETTING ANGRY RIGHT NOW.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just found out that Judge Prothro has denied my husband’s disability 7 months after he appeared before him in court. That in itself is ridiculous, but his record of denials is even more outrageous. The attorney warned us that he would probably be denied, so it’s no surprise. However, not only is my husband suffering from a shoulder and neck injury suffered while overseas, he now has cancer as well and we will have to file with the appeals court which will take even more time. I did not rate this judge because he doesn’t deserve one! This will cause financial hardship for our family and possible bankruptcy. I don’t know how the man sleeps at night.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just got my denial, what a joke. Both my psychiatrist and family doctor recommended disability. Out of options now. Blood is on this corrupt judges hand.

  5. madashell says:

    The worst Alj I have ever known. After reading all the bad reviews on him. I knew I had already lost my case in which I did despite all the medical evidence and doctor’s report. For one thing he need to retire because he does not focus on anything you say to him. All he say is umm hmm the whole time in court but of course he make over $180,000 a year to deny people their benefits with an 11-20% approval rating which is God awful sad. His day is coming sooner than he thinks.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ALJ Prothro spent the beginning of his tenure as an ALJ in Grand Rapids MI. and built a reputation as the most damaging ALJ for claimants. As an attorney who has significant experience with a large quantity of ALJs over many years, it is my opinion he was the worst ALJ I have ever had to deal with ever. He is now in Mississippi. I hope things go better for claimants in Mississippi.

  7. Anonymous says:

    . His reasons for denial are ridiculous and many parts of the denial were flat out false and misleading. We’re merely a toy to this judge, he’s infamous for a reason. Discuss appealing this judge’s decision with your lawyer before getting into the court room. I’ve seen other stories of lawyers not taking up cases against this judge, it’s understandable, he’s incredibly unfair. He seems nice but very out of touch with this world (in a cognitive sense), he seems to have some issues with paying attention. I’m not saying this to bash him, he’s an awful judge I’ll just say that, but he literally seems to have concentration issues and really should retire. The really sad part is what I just said is what many others have said.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is very clear that Prothro is a terrible ALJ. In my opinion, the worst I have ever dealt with in three decades. Obviously, his decisions can be appealed. But, attorneys and claimants should keep in mind that UNFAIR TREATMENT COMPLAINTS can be forwarded to the Regional Office. This is the only recourse within the system to try to convince SSA to get rid of ALJ’s who are bias. If complaints are not filed, SSA really has no notice that there is a problem and won’t review his conduct. The fact is the vast majority of ALJ’s do a good job and make decisions based on applying the rules. But, when one is clearly playing games to deny as many claimants benefits as possible something should be done.

  9. Ryan says:

    All I can say is, if you get this “judge”, and I use the term VERY loosely, then start preparing your appeals ASAP. He will deny your claim without good reason and the SSA has started to refuse to reconsider his opinions. Be prepared for a LONG court fight if you are unlucky enough to draw this “judge” for a hearing. Just look at the numbers on his cases, he provides a favorable ruling less than half of the time of the WORST other judge in the GR office, and they are, for the most part, worse than the state average. Why he hasn’t had a peer-review that has sent him packing by now begs the question, just who evaluates the judges? Anyone? I doubt it!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I have had extensive physical and psychological issues since I was a toddler. My grandfather who raised me was my hero and never missed but one half day of work and I always strive to be just like him. But with my pain headaches seizures which I have had all of my life the doctors say probably even in the womb I am unable to function in the workplace. Vomiting, trying to work with my eyes closed to avoid the light and noise, I finally came to the conclusion that higher education was my only recourse then I sustained a severe head injury which stopped the possibility of that even happening. Now Judge Protho has denied my case? How am I to survive? The state of Indiana has declared me disabled for years and has since put me on disability insurance.

    If medical records went back more than a few years it would be easy to see that I have suffered most of my life have suffered multiple trauma to the head have thousands of tumors throughout the body, seizures, migraine headaches and much of the time can’t even get out of bed for days I can’t work. If for no other reason just because of the days missed but there are many more be assured.

    I am absolutely sick, disgusted, confused, the homeless shelters I have been don’t even like dealing with my illnesses what am I to do?

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