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  1. Victor Fusco says:

    Here is the most important thing you need to know about Judge Packer: You MUST give him a pre-hearing memo outlining your case, and any particular facts you think it’s important for him to know that may not readily jump out of the record. He likes to know the record cold. If you give him a memo he will be familiar with it. He is a very smart and very well prepared ALJ and he expects the same of attorneys who appear before him (lest you be prepared for drill-sergeant level pre-hearing reaming out!). He has a gruff exterior and is no B.S. and to the point. Beneath all of that however he is a very kindly, decent man, who, in my view, really wants to help the claimant if he can. I encountered Judge Packer through a video hearing. Two other attorneys in my office also had hearings with him the same day, and all gave him high marks. Your client will get a very fair shake from Judge Packer. He is a really nice ALJ, as long as you do your prep work. I’d happily welcome another opportunity to appear before him.

  2. Rick says:

    I Was Before Judge On April 5th Of 2017 My Condition Are Severe Copd, Lower Back Herniated Disks, My Legs Give Out Constantly So Much That I Do Not Feel Safe Driving A Car, I Have Titanium Ankle And Have Had Knee Surgery To Fix Problematic Knees From Years Of Well Drilling & Overexertion, I Would Love Nothing More That To Be Able To Work As I Did As A Well Driller / Pump Mechanic For Many Years Of My Life, I Do Not Trust Doctors As I Believe They Only Want To Treat Symptoms With Harmful Drugs That Cause Other Problems Not Cure The Issues That Tend To Ail Us.

    I Was Denied My Disability That I Paid Into For Many Years Chances Ar4e I Will Not Live To Collect It As At 49 I Feel & Move Around Like I’m 90 I Just Wish He Could Walk A Day In My Shoes To See And Feel What I Do .i Took His Decision As If Ok I Just Need To Man Up So I Went To Apply At Several Locations One Was A Dollar General Down The Street I Know The Manager He Told Me “We Can’t Hire You, Buddy, You Can’t Even Hardly Walk”

    After That, I Was All Set To Work At A Place Locally Until We Got To The Physical Examination Part The Dr. They Said I Was Not Able To Do The Job, As I Didn’t Have The Computer Skills And The Dust And Other Stuff Would Aggravate My Copd “The Job Was Answering Phones In An Office” Ive Been Turned Down From So Many Jobs Before Even Filling Out The Application.

    The Part That Bothers Me The Most Was In The Denial Letter Where It Stated In Bold Letters That Subject Is Able To Speak English Clearly My Parents Both Paid Into S.s. For 40 Years Each Both Passed Away At 66 Never Collecting A Dime I Will Not Make It To 66 So Why Did I Pay Into A System That Does Nothing For Me?>

    I Just Wish This Judge Could Live One Day In My Shoes To See The Depression I Hide Daily, To See & Understand Waking Up In The Morning And Not Even Knowing Where You Are Due To Lack Of Oxygen To The Brain, Peeing My Pants Because I Can’t Get To The Bathroom Fast Enough Due To My Back And Legs Giving Out, Not Being Able To Properly Take Care Of My Wife And Actually End Up Crawling There,

    How Does A Person Who Doesn’t Trust The Medical Field I Watched Destroy Both Of My Parents With Medication Upon Medication, Deal With A System That Only Trusts The Same Dr’s Word?
    I Guess I’m Just Screwed. The Judge Isn’t A Bad Guy, He Is Very Likable It’s Just The System That Sucks
    God Bless

  3. Jon says:

    Judge Packer gave me a fair decision. My lawyer did most of the talking. What amazed me about the judicial process was how different approach my lawyer took than I would have on my own. My thought would be to clearly demonstrate where the law is on your side and be prepared to make references to other case decisions which support the interpretation of those laws. True to my expectations, incontrovertible evidence was rigorously required, but the court seemed to hold relevant things that should not have entered into consideration and the important facts became obscured. Still the right decision was made so I don’t exactly have anything to complain about.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rude, disrespectful individual – deserves class action to be removed from his position with no right to be a judge anymore

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