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  1. Charles JW Seth says:

    Worst Judge ever forced me to withdraw my appeal and wasted additional time I orginally had a hearing in june and could not get a lawyer he granted me a continuance for september well I did get a lawyer like the daefore nevertheless forced me to withdraw my appeal, on the grounds of the 4 denials (where none of them I was allowed to bring in witnesses nor question any one all 4 times) in addition to forcing the with draw he again refused to allow my witness in the hearing room as soon as I can find out how to press charges in this so called ALJ I am and I am demanding this ALJ be removed from office imedately mind you I am attempting to get records all the way back to 1982 that have proven that I have had some sort of disability since the age of 6 I do re4quest that David H Winkle (principal New Horizon School Sept 1990 to May 1994) be supeniaed and made to verify the statement recomending a 302 for a peroid of 30days and the many times they called the police on me due to my disability

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mean sob!!!God help anyone that gets him!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Pileggi might appear slightly intimidating at first, but in actuality, he is a nice man and is clearly knowledgeable about the requirements and standards used. He develops a pretty good conversational style with Claimants and is very good to new representatives. He knows exactly what questions he wants to ask, and his hearings finish pretty early as a result.

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