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  1. Kenya 7 says:

    I really hope I receive this judge I have been suffering with Crohns disease and other health issues that make it hard to maintain nevertheless work any where. I have heard so many great things about him I really pray and hope he is my judge and really can understand the issues and pain and everyday frustration I have been through.

    Kenya 7

  2. Karon says:

    I rate him a 10 🙂
    Mr./Judge Quigley is a very kind,well spoken and highly educated man. I know I had to have shown my complete nervousness but, after speaking and listening to him talk with kindness ,I felt relief. He was truly a great Judge even though I was denied and my case is almost at the three year point (from the first date I applied) which has deeply effected my overall health… I totally understand and more importantly respect his professional opinion and decision, I can only hope to have him review my very complex SSD case records.He is a patient man and I pray that Mr.Judge Quigly and the good Lord will render the right decision any day now, for this has been a very trying, exhausting,long and difficult journey for myself as well as my family. God Bless and best wishes..

  3. Anonymous says:

    A wonderful person! So kind during the Hearing. A good ALJ for a new attorney to SSA.Want a fair hearing on an iffy case, he is you ALJ. Did I say NICE FELLOW…really.

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