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  1. Anonymous says:

    Judge Moser was very nice and attentive to my case. My case took over one and a half years for my back and anxiety. Judge Moser was on my side,especially when it came to my back. He listened to the physician on the phone and asked a lot of questions to see I could work and the physician and the vocational rehab. both said no. However the psychologist did not help at all. The judge granted two years of disability until Dec. 2018. I hope to get Judge Moser acgain!!

  2. ricky roque jr. says:

    Had a hearing on July 24th, Judge was reasonable and tapped in the Doctor for a quick medical evaluation via conference call. Judge Benched me for 1 year only, and reschedule an update for next year. From the begining, Judge wanted to denied my claim,but thanks to my medical file and coming up appointments with Neurology, he approved for 1 year only. A fair fellow.

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