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  1. astonished and shocked says:

    Spoke with several attorneys about his ruling. They told me he made a legal error. he threw out medical evidence for very illogical reasons. After reading the other comments about him being unpredictable I totally agree. He is an older judge and very capricious in his rulings it appears. I paid in it my whole life and got injured and almost died, yet when it came to waiting to be before a fair judge I felt I got before one with a very big ego and a real nasty streak. He has some high approvals but don’t let that fool you.

  2. Barbara Smith says:

    I found Judge Alderisio to be condescending and a wise guy. throughout my disability hearing. I had a job that required extensive driving and explained with my current cognitive disabilities I had difficulties driving and locating places and needed to leave this job. First he commented “well don’t you have a navigation system in your carr in your car, how difficult could that be? Then if that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to ask me if I was diagnosed “being legally blonde”, followed by a few chuckles!! I’m a medical professional and I found this outrageous and disgusting to behave this way during a legal proceeding. Be aware if you get hime for your case and you are a woman, avoid this masogenistic “professional”. Everyone tells meI should file a compliant and a new hearing

  3. Anxious Survivor says:

    I am waiting from August hearing. Anyone know how takes to get decision with Judge. Just reaching for hope. I am struggling everyday with no income or means to make income due to my disability.

    I did feel comfortable with Judge. He seems like a fair Judge basing decision on facts and extensive medical records etc. He did ask me lots of questions that I answered truthfully. He was very kind especially knowing my anxiety and depressed mental state.

  4. aggiepepo says:

    very good judge, i got fully favorable at the hearing, asked me some questions, also consulted with ehe vocational person, after reviewing my doctors findings and recomendations, everything went thru smoothly.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This ALJ is quirky and wacky. He chews on nuts during the hearing and will put up his feet on the desk. He’s approved psych cases with DAA (which he will should have) without any treating support, then denied a younger individual with ZERO DAA, and several sets of treating support. Everyone seems to think they luck out with him, but he’s unpredictable. Make sure your case is strong and don’t think for one minute that because he goes to the VE before you can question your claimant that he’s going to approve. He may just be violating due process…

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