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  1. NA says:

    Who is the ME? Meridian Diagnostic, Agneineri? If so The Social Security Administration needs to look into why he is using the same ME over and over that is an ethical problem and conflict of interest. Nice that Social Security uses this man for their diagnostics.

  2. Attorney says:

    Judge Norris is unprofessional. Agree with comments about the ME. When crossing the ME, ALJ gets irritated with the attorney if they try to make the ME explain or support his reasoning at all. Further, the ME makes inappropriate credibility remarks so be ready for them. Luckily, if questioned, the ME is so ridiculous it will be an easy appeal. ALJ wants to hear nothing from the claimant so he will get angry if you try to rightfully try to develop case via questioning claimant on limitations and ADLs.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This judge is out of his mind!! he has an ME he ALWAYS uses who ALWAYS tells him what he wants to hear – that your claimant has no disabilities whatsoever. The judge himself is a bully and will browbeat you after each question as you try to question his medical experts. He does not appear to listen to claimant testimony at all and doesn’t appear to care period what the claimant has to say. He is there to bully reps and deny claims. He should seek other type of employment.

  4. VTP says:

    This judge is a bit of a character in a bad way make sure that you have all medical records in or he will continue the hearing on you to get them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    My step-father has had everything below his bladder removed because of cancer and has diabetes and got denied by Judge Norris. Everyday, deadbeats and lazy people are given social security assistance but ones that actually need it are denied. It is very disappointing.

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